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Christmas Technology

Just like my parents before me, Elaine and I broke down and bought cell phones for the twins at Christmas. With our crazy schedules and the twin’s school 40 minutes from our house, our store and my construction life; Elaine and I succumbed to the repeated requests. I’m not sure it was a good decision. With the phones, I gave the twins the following “rule”. Rule: Don’t text me. I won’t answer it. Apparently they are following the rule. They aren’t texting me. However, they are texting EVERYONE else. Elaine received our first monthly bill since adding the twins’ phones. Thank God for unlimited texting. Sadly, we do not have unlimited data on our monthly plan. We have televisions, tabl

If Monner’s in the Street, Ask What He’s Doing!

I let my love for procrastination to get the best of me. In my construction life, I drive a company provided truck. A couple weeks ago, I had a feeling the truck was not performing as it should. Nothing specific; it just seemed sluggish. The engine noise didn’t sound right. It occasionally had a light on the dashboard that said, “service engine soon.” Seriously, what is the definition of soon? Soon, today. Soon, this week. Soon; when you get around to it. I mentioned to my employer that the truck seemed to be having problems. Boss: Why don’t you take it in and have it checked out? Me: That’s what I am going to do. I think I’ll wait until after the holidays. Boss: Whatever. By no

Procrastinate or Prioritize?

It is a fine line between procrastinating and prioritizing. Elaine and I don't always agree on the difference. Elaine has always been the person that can see the rewards of getting a task completed and moving on. Me? Not so much. I like to prioritize and get to certain things later. I'm not ashamed of my ability to put things off, I've actually have been trained to do so. I was working for a house builder as a carpenter's helper in my late teens. Child labor laws make me hesitant to tell this story, but it was a long time ago. My first day on the job I listened to my employer lay out what he expected of me. He said, "If you listen and do everything I ask we will get along fine. We s

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