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Another Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is over, and not a minute to soon. It has been a busy week for the family. The twins attended their first Valentine’s Day dance. Yep, twelve year old kids in sixth grade dancing at the school dance. It was Sadie Hawkins dance, the kind where girls invite the boys. It seems harmless, I guess. I asked Boy Twin if he was invited into the dance. Me: Are you going to the dance? Boy Twin: No. (He’s loves to talk) Me: Did you get invited? Boy Twin: Yes Me: Do I know the girl? Boy Twin: Three girls. Me: You were invited by three girls? Boy Twin: Well, look at me! These are non-fiction stories, I don’t make this up. I danced in the sixth grade. Of course, it happened in Ph

Don’t Trust the Village

It takes a village to raise a child. I guess it helps when the village and parents are on the same page. I guess it is doubly nice when the village tells the parents they are raising your child for them. OK, I’ll get to it! Girl Twin was invited to a sleep over at a friend’s house. I have said before I’m not sure about these sleep over things. When I was a kid, I played with my friends until it was time to go home, then we got up the next day and started playing again. Its not like I haven’t tried sleepovers. My first batch of kids had a couple. The kids stay up until at least 2:00 AM giggling and eventually screaming. I yell down the stairs telling the kids that I need to sleep befo

The Engineer

I haven’t written in a while. The truth is it has been pretty dull around here. If you haven’t noticed I write non-fiction. I don’t have much of an imagination, This life is crazy enough that I don’t have time to write about stuff that didn’t and can’t happen. I do have a smart phone stories to tell; with the twin’s Christmas cell phones both received cases for their phones. The young lady at (sounds like Horizon) convinced Elaine and I to buy these super-duper cases by throwing her own phone across the store without it breaking. The cases were quite expensive, but if you have ever had to replace a broken phone you know a good case is worth it. Boy Twin (our engineer) has a bad habit o

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