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No Smart Phones at the Empire State Building

You might want to get your favorite beverage. We could be here a while. Before I get started, I may not write about yarn. You know I love writing about yarn, however sometimes I need to write about my second favorite subject, me……..and my construction life. Did you know the Empire State Building was built in 410 days? From the first nail in the first board to the ribbon cutting (The ribbon was cut by the New York Governor’s grandchildren.) the building was completed in 410 days. I find that amazing. In the early 1930′s using the best construction methods and technology of the day, the construction industry built the tallest building in the world in one year plus 45 days. I don’t believ

Shopping Malls are Good

It has been a while since I talked about my construction life. I guess that is because this a yarn store blog. I regret to tell you, I get to spend less time in the store these days. Although, I did hear a story about a customer coming into the store and was concerned because a man was in there. It is 2015 and I feel I can share my feelings with you. It hurts a little to be considered ”a man in the store.” (I’m guessing they were talking about me.) Especially, when I am so knowledgeable. I know that yarn comes in different colors. Yarn is long. Yarn is an awful lot like string. Yarn doesn’t weigh very much, unless you use a lot of it. And, my wife and daughter let me carry boxes o

It’s Gone……Oh Wait a Minute!

“What are you going to do with all that hair?” I remember asking Elaine that question a few years back. Elaine was stockpiling the hair from the shearing’s of our 33 goats and 5 llamas. Elaine: I have an idea! Me: You need all that hair? Elaine: I have some alpaca hair, also! Me: That’s a lot of hair! Elaine: Do you want to hear about my idea? Me: Well… it going to take a long time? You know I don’t know anything about what you are talking about, anyway. Elaine: I’ve designed a cape! It’s going to be made of mohair, llama and alpaca. It’s going to have a hood, and be about this long……..and……and…..sounds cool doesn’t it? Me: Like a Superman cape? Elaine: I don’t know why I talk

Boy Twin’s Sleep Over

I think I know why I didn’t have sleep overs when I was a kid. My parents didn’t encourage them. I know why they didn’t encourage sleep overs. My parents and the parents of my friends somehow knew that no good could come of having children other that their own sleep at their house. I don’t know why this generation of parents refuse to follow what worked for their parents. Come on- it worked for your parents; stop fixing what isn’t broke. Boy Twin got invited to his first sleep over. First, I should probably admit, Elaine and I have wondered why Boy Twin had not been invited to any sleep overs this year. Girl Twin has an invite to spend the weekend at some other girl’s house every Friday

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