Monner's     Mumblings

Fire Engine Red

It is spring time is Northern Colorado. It couldn’t get here a moment to soon. Last week’s 24″ of snow melted, almost. It has been a rough winter. I have little projects that I haven’t kept up on this past winter. I try to keep up but with the store, construction, winter baseball, wind and lousy weather; I have fallen behind. I replaced the door knob and deadbolt a couple weeks ago. Our door knob wasn’t working correctly. Turning the knob did not guarantee that the door would open. The knob worked fine until Boy Twin showed me how to unlock the door with a credit card. It is nice to have a new door knob. I picked up a nice one at The Orange Depot. It has a matching deadbolt lock. On

Butch’s Buddy, Sherpas, the Beast and Walter

I live in the mountains. Not in the high mountains or really snowy mountains, but it is the mountains. Most days it is quite beautiful here. Some days it is a pain in the (construction language). This weekend are some of those days. If you would look at a topographical map you would see a 7000′ contour line across exactly where our house is located. If you have never looked at a topographical map and don’t know what a contour line is, you are most likely younger than I am and your school system has failed you. Simply put, my house is 7000′ above sea level. Hey, I just thought of something. Scientists tell us the sea level is rising. My house might be slightly less than 7000′ above sea

Underwear Execs and Dye Pots

I didn’t want to tell a mall construction story today. I would think by now you would be tired of reading them. Sadly, in this crazy life, somethings can’t be helped, I need to tell a mall story. Sitting in a weekly safety meeting, I was told my men needed to be on their best behavior for the next couple days. Best behavior equates to; don’t make too much noise, don’t make too much dust; which in construction means don’t plan on doing very much work. Corporate officers from that underwear store (you know the one) were scheduled to be in town to discuss the construction problems the mall was having. While the underwear execs were in town, we were asked to be clean and quiet. Prior to work

Easter, Locks and Yarn Fest

It is Easter Sunday, the sun is shining. It is beautiful here in Northern Colorado. The family is together. What could be better? Although, I understand the stories must continue, I’m planning a day with NO craziness. It’s not going to happen the way I planned. It never does. Boy Twin woke up this morning and informed me he knows how to break in our house using a credit card. He then proceeds to show me he wasn’t kidding. OK, I think I may have a little something to do with this. Boy Twin and I were chatting about some of the weird things I’ve learned in my construction life, and breaking into doors when you have misplaced a key might have come up. Thankfully, he told me he was consi

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