Monner's     Mumblings

The Broken Faucet (and nothing about yarn)

I didn’t have the best of weeks. It started when Boy Twin handed me the handle on the kitchen faucet. Thank God he didn’t break the handle or even knew how the handle got broke. I mean what kind of future criminal breaks the kitchen faucet and hands you the handle? In my seven decades of life I have never broken a faucet handle, much less handed it to my father. Faucets are so seldom broken they come with a lifetime guarantee. (Except for mine, more about that later.) I know, you are thinking, “Monner, you work in construction, fix the (construction language) faucet.” There are two things I don’t like to do in construction. Both of them are plumbing. OK, there are more thing I don’t li

Father’s (Monner’s) Day and Sticky V’s

It’s finally here, Father’s Day. And I’m really going to enjoy it. The kids have been sneaking around for days. Girl Twin told me not to buy anything I need for myself because I might be using up one of her good ideas. I’m not sure exactly what she meant by that. I needed two things last week; toothpaste and deodorant. I hope those weren’t her good ideas, but I didn’t buy them anyway. Oh come on, I wasn’t totally out. Plus, I can always use Elaine’s. When I arrived home last night Boy Twin met me with a big grin on his face. He told me, “I got you the best Father’s day present today!” I should have been excited, however, I was aware that he had remained home all day and had not bee

The Last Mall Story (for awhile) and Blending Boards

I have a bit of bad news. This is the last mall related story I will be writing. My portion of the mall is finished…….at least for a while. I need to wait for the outside contractor to finish what they are doing before I can work in the mall again. The timing of this change for me is fantastic. Oh, I will miss moving buckets around on the new carpet to catch the rain leaking in through the roof. I will miss my reflective vest and emails from guys wearing reflective vests. Oh yeah, that reminds me, I have one more reflective vest story. My temporary tattoo store and the mall is separated by a wall of glass. More about that in a minute. The mall has hired a cleaning company to continuous

Baseball Pants, Weapons of Choice

I used construction language this week. I had to; the twins tried to kill me. Only my zest for life and my desire not to be killed by my second batch of kids allows me to be able to write today. Oh, it was a really great attempt on the twins part. Their weapon of choice……baseball pants. The twins decided they would not get dressed in their baseball uniform for one of their games at home. They decided to get dressed in town just before going to the game. I was against this plan from the start. (And, I told them so.) Little did I know, what they were plotting. Girl Twin went first. She appeared to be getting dressed when she asked me, “Can I get some new baseball pants?” Me: Your baseb

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