Monner's     Mumblings

Seniors and the Antenna

Last week was 2nd Annual Wild West Knitting retreat. Don’t worry, for the second year in a row, I didn’t get invited. I did, however, get invited to work in the store while everyone else went to the retreat. Actually, I wasn’t invited to work in the store, I was ordered to work in the store. I guess the old saying, “A man is king of his castle” does not apply to knitting stores. Living at 7000′ in the foothills of Northern Colorado has one major drawback. OK, maybe more than one, but we are only going to talk about one today. We do not have cellular service. I know that I have written stories about my disgust for smart phones, however, cell phones can be vey convenient. With this in mi

Straight pins and Tiny Houses

We will get to “tiny houses” in a minute. If you have been reading these stories for a while, you might remember Elaine and I have been married quite a while, 38 wonderful years as a matter of fact. You may even remember our wedding anniversary is in August. Our wedding anniversary was last week. As noted in these stories, Elaine and I live crazy lives. The evening of our anniversary Elaine was working on a couple garments to be shown at an upcoming festival while we were eating dinner. Elaine stopped working/eating and said, “Happy Anniversary..” My heart stopped! I had forgotten our anniversary. Scrambling for something to say, I realized Elaine had forgotten our anniversary also. I

One Off the Bucket List

I clicked one off the bucket list this week; well, I almost did. We didn’t take many family vacations when I was a kid. We took two to be exact. The first one was a car trip to Southern Colorado, and the second vacation was a car trip to Disneyland. If I had to guess, we didn’t take vacations because my father was busiest in the summer and my brothers and I were in school the rest of the year. My second guess would be my parents didn’t want to be in the car with five boys. I was about nine when my parents informed the brothers we were going on vacation to Southern Colorado. I was going to get to spend the night in a motel. My family jumped in the car and headed for Southern Colorado. It

Yarn Drive and Dwight Yoakam

Another month has past and I have not been offered my old job at the yarn store. I’m beginning to think I am never going to get invited back. Of course, when they need something Ivy, Elaine AND even the twins have no problem calling me and saying something like, “Hey Monner, can you run to the hardware store and pick up some light bulbs?” My personal favorite “favor” I was asked was, “Hey Monner, we sold a loom! Can you come by the store and help dismantle the loom and load it in the customers ‘ car?” How do I show my yarn store managing skills loading looms in cars? I might as well get a job at The Orange Depot. This month the store is involved in something called a yarn crawl. A yarn

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