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CLP Football and Scarves

It was finally Boy Twin’s turn. (His trip to ER) In the first quarter by the time I arrived to watch Boy Twin’s middle school football game, the score was 21-0. Sadly, it was not Boy Twin’s Team with the twenty-one. By halftime the score was 35-0. The game ended with a score of 42-0. It wasn’t that Boy Twin’s team suddenly got better in the second half, the other team just quit trying. Well, they sort of quit trying. In fairness, the other team had some extremely big kids. They have a seventh grader that I noticed was looking down at the coaching staff. (I will talk about that kid later.) Boy twin’s opponents were extremely well coached. Those kids knew how to play football. Elaine is knitti

Football and Knitting

Football has my house a little mixed up this fall. Boy Twin is playing football which he has never done before. Then you have Ivy watching football which she has never done before. I should bring you up to date on Boy Twin’s middle school football team. They have not won a game yet, but they are getting closer. The score of the game was tied until the last play of the game when the other cross town middle school team scored a touchdown. Boy Twin’s team didn’t fair well in the injury department either. One of Boy Twin’s teammates now has a surgically repaired wrist and another will miss a couple games due to a concussion. Boy Twin informed me that I shouldn’t worry, he can’t get a concu

Football, Volleyball and Oh Yeah, Zumba

The twins have decided not to participate with their school’s cross country team this year. They have decided last year was just too much running. Boy Twin has decided to play football for his school. Girl Twin is playing volleyball. I was really surprised with Boy Twin’s decision to play football. I think he succumbed to peer pressure. Boy Twin has never shown an interest in football. He has never even watched a game on television. I don’t spent a lot of time watching football. I guess he followed my lead. We must remember he went to an elementary school with a grand total of two boys in his class. It is really hard to field a football team with that many kids. Running at recess wa

Alarms and a Day Trip

It is Labor Day weekend and I have started the holiday celebration. I enjoy every holiday that the kids and I get a day off from hearing the alarm go off. Elaine sets her alarm every “school” day and it is a blessing when the house does not hear it in the morning. Elaine’s alarm is one of those hugely loud, repetitive, annoying buzzing alarms. Any day without hearing that in the morning is going to be a good day. Just because Elaine’s alarm doesn’t go off, does not mean I/we get to sleep in, We still have a couple back up alarms. We have roosters and dogs working in unison to keep the family from sleeping in. The roosters wake the dogs and me. The dogs start barking usually waking Elai

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