Monner's     Mumblings

Thanksgiving and Tree cutting

I’m trying to decided if this was a great Thanksgiving or just a good one. I’m leaning towards it was a great Thanksgiving, but I’m not quite sure. The twins didn’t fight much. That makes it great. How is it that two people that spent nine months in their mother’s body cannot sit together on the seat of a pickup? ”Can you not sit so close?” ”I get to sit in the front!” ”Move your backpack.” ”Would you stop staring at me?” Three days of not taking the twins to school is definitely something to be thankful for. It helped that the twins each went to a sleep over. Girl Twin went to her usual sleepover. Boy Twin went to a sleepover attended by six pre-teen and teenage boys. I am certai

Multi-Color Friday and Employees

It looks like the mall achieved its goal of opening (some) stores before Black Friday. Despite the rains of the spring and early summer and the lack of construction workers (more about that in a minute, or longer if you read slow) the mall management has given Northern Colorado something to do on Black Friday. Speaking of Black Friday, Your Daily Fiber is celebrating its six anniversary. Yep six years! I think Ivy is planning some kind of sale or something. I have/had really great ideas, and Ivy listened to some of them. Then she told me it might be a good idea if I took the twins and go cut a Christmas tree on that day. I don’t really understand Black Friday. I would rather see Green

Maggie, Atomic Clocks and New Orleans

It’s Sunday morning. The sun is up and so am I. My alarm clock woke me at sun up, just like it does every morning. My alarm clock is a Great Pyrenees dog named Maggie When I agreed it might be a good idea to have a dog or two, I don’t think I had Maggie in mind. I thought we would get a dog that would help with the livestock, guard the house when we weren’t home and bark when someone or something was in the driveway. I didn’t think the dog was going to wake me up every (construction language) day. I enjoy early morning and I really don’t need Maggie to help get me out of bed. Her technique for waking me is not the most friendly. Who wants to wake up to a large dog staring at you and

Dillinger, a Creepy Guy and Bears

I have begun writing this story three times. I have been trying to write this since Sunday morning. I just can’t find the time to finish. I’ve even tried to write it after I get home from my construction world and before I go to bed. I just can’t bring myself to type when “Nude and Scared” is on television. I like to finish my stories on Sunday morning. I actually started this one about 8:00 Sunday morning. I had to stop writing. Something is taking up my time. That something is the twins, oh yeah and Halloween My Halloween started at 7:00 AM. Our store and the coffee shop a couple doors down decided to make Halloween a special day for both stores. Actually it was coffee shop owners

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