Monner's     Mumblings

The Very Good Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. It is time to tell a Christmas story. For those of you who have wondered, Elaine and I are not the biological parents of our second batch of kids, I know, now you are wondering what this has to do with Christmas. Be patient, Christmas stories take time. Somewhere in the world lives the twins’ biological mother. No it is not Ivy; our daughter. The twins’ biological father was our son. Telling the story of how elaine and I became legal parents is not a very Christmassy story, so I will leave it for another time. Our story begins a couple years ago, after staying away for eight years, the twins’ biological mother tried to make contact with the twins. Bio Mom (Bi

My friend Joe

Joe was the new kid in the neighborhood. His family came from New Jersey. Joe’s family moved to a new house on my paper route. I noticed Joe while I was delivering newspapers on his street. He seemed to be about my age. I wondered why I hadn’t seen Joe in school. Somehow I found the courage to ask Joe, “Hey kid, don’t you go to school?” “Of course I go to school. I go to Saint Joseph’s”, he replied. I asked, “Is that a school where the teachers are called nuns?” By now Joe had become tired of the conversation. I think he thought we were never going to be friends. He was wrong. We were as different as two kids could be. Joe was from New Jersey, I could not have found New Jersey on a

The Christmas Dance

The Christmas middle school dance took place Friday night. I know we aren’t supposed to call things like school dances the “Christmas” dance, but here are my thoughts on that. In the United States, the federal government gives federal employees a day off on December 25th each year. December 25th is Christmas Day. The feds do not give a day off for any other religious holiday. So, sorry folks, it’s a Christmas dance. I was hoping that the twins would go to the dance with the intent of standing next to the wall, drinking lemonade, listening to the music. No such luck, they both had “dates.” I’m not sure that “date” is the correct word for what they had. In my day, a date is when the boy

Bullies and Wasteoftimebook

The alarm went off this morning, Not Elaine’s noisy buzzing alarm. No, it was my all natural alarm. At 6:11 AM I felt my alarm tugging at my blankets. I rolled over to faintly see a snow white dog with two very brown eyes with one foot on my bed staring at me in my still dark bedroom, I hit the “snooze” button and pushed her foot off the bed. The snooze time on my alarm is set for less than a second. Before I could get comfortable she had her foot back on the bed. Neither one of us (the dog or me) had any reason to get up. It was still dark outside, no one was going to work or school. The other dogs were sleeping. I had heard Elaine get up and let the dogs out a couple hours before.

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