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Macaroni and Cheese, a Necklace and Bronco Hats!

I had big plans last Sunday. While the rest of Colorado was watching the football games, I thought it would be fun to take the family to the National Western Stock Show. As I have said before, I like football, I just don’t like to take the time to watch it. For some reason, Boy Twin is following in my footsteps. He is now thirteen years old and I can honestly say, he has never watched a football game that he has not played in. He doesn’t have a favorite player and knows the names of only a handful of players. Boy twin wasn’t crazy about going to the Stock Show. I had to bribe him with the chance to go to a “nice” restaurant to get him to come with the family. I had a secret motive for a

Shoes, Shoes and Selfies

I have a couple things to discuss, so let’s get to it. The twins are both back in school sponsored sports this month. Boy Twin is wrestling and Girl twin is playing basketball. Neither twin has ever participated in either one of those sports. I played both of those sports and frankly, didn’t enjoy either one. I am trying to be supportive of each twins choice of sports. Boy Twin will need to experience for himself how much time you get to “enjoy’ having your head stuck in your opponent’s sweaty armpit. You can be the best wrestler in the state and you will still find your head in an opponent’s sweaty armpit. If that doesn’t bother you, you will be a great wrestler. I think Boy Twin likes

Girl Twin and the Magic Beans

It is difficult preparing meals in our house. The twins are very picky eaters and they are not picky about the same things. Elaine will tell you that I am the reason the twins have these unreasonable eating requirements. I might be described as picky myself, but my pickiness is based on deep thought and life’s experiences. I have written before that my older brothers force fed me a couple of onions when I was young. Based on that LIFE EXPERIENCE I have no desire to eat onions. Let’s talk about cheese. Not all cheese, just the fragrant cheeses. I think (DEEP THOUGHT) that an awful lot of (most) cheeses smell like sweaty socks. I have no reason to even try to enjoy something like that.

Boxing and the Necklace

Occasionally I need to tell a story before I tell the real story. Today is one of those times. Elaine’s father was a man. I know, you are thinking, of course he’s was a man. That’s the way it works, fathers are men. But Elaine’s dad was ALL man. There was NOTHING feminine about him at all. Elaine’s father (Dave) spent 30 years in the military. He was a decorated veteran of two wars. He bathed with unscented soap. He drank cocktails without mixers and beer in cans. He read western novels. He used construction language, but not in front of women or kids. Dave ate meat, some of which he hunted himself. When he determined he no longer wanted to hunt deer and elk, he starting hunting p

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