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Expired Education and Soapboxes

It happened to me last week and I didn’t even know it could happen to people. My education expired. I’ve always known that things you’ve learned in your life, you could possibly forget. I didn’t know that things you’ve been taught and remember how to do, just don’t work today. Girl Twin asked if I could help her with some math homework. I looked at the homework and saw it was finding and comparing percentages. I thought, “Heck yeah, I can do this!” The first problem Girl Twin and I worked on was to compare 5 cups to 8 cups. We went to work on the problem. I was showing Girl Twin my method of determining percentages. I could see Girl Twin was getting agitated. She clearly was not under

Another Mall Story

“Can you take me to the mall?” Sound pretty simple doesn’t it? Boy Twin recently asked my if I would drop him off at the mall. I guessed he wanted to hang out with his friends, just like I had done when I was his age. There were some differences, though. I asked my mother if I could go to the mall. If she said yes, and she usually did, I would get on my bike and ride the three miles to the mall. My friends and I rode our bikes to the mall hundreds of times. We also rode our bikes to the reservoir, to downtown, to school.,and to my grandparent’s house. Did I tell you I didn’t wear a helmet? Nope, no helmet. All that riding, and no helmet. I’m still here, hmmm, go figure. (OK, judging

Elaine’s Anniversary and Dating

Our family “celebrated” an anniversary this week. Elaine started drawing electric power poles twenty-seven years ago this past week. For most families that would not be a big deal, but for our family it is a remembrance of one of the happiest days in our lives. You might find this hard to believe, but Elaine did not plan on a career drawing power poles. Elaine planned on being a junior high school art teacher. Elaine and I were married during her senior year of college. Looking back, that might have been the biggest mistake we’ve ever made. CALM DOWN! Getting married wasn’t the mistake, getting married while she was in school was the mistake. Elaine’s parents paid for the wedding and h

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