Monner's     Mumblings

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter! I hope you are finding your day restful and peaceful. Me? Not so much. Your Daily Fiber is once again attending Yarn Fest this coming week. Yarn Fest means I have a bunch of work to do. I have found myself in the store on Easter Sunday, dyeing yarn that must be finished by Wednesday. I am typing (with bright green hands) between the changing of colors. At least I don’t need to stop and pet Maggie. Elaine had some good news this past week. She will be one of the featured artists at the Art Fair Jackson Hole. I think she entered the show so she would not have time to help me dye yarn for Yarn Fest. She tells me she needs to get a bunch more garments finished by the Art Fa

Spiders, Bees, Butterflies and Procedures

The calendar tells us that today is the spring equinox. As I write this story the temperature outside my house is 16 degrees. I’m thinking that the calendar should adjust itself so that it is at least 40 degrees warmer on the first day of spring. Or maybe move the first day of spring to some time in May. We are able to change the clocks for Daylight Savings Time, why not the calendar? The local schools used the calendar and declared last week Spring Break. Spring Break is different than when I was a kid. My Spring Breaks were like a long weekend. The school administrators gave the kids Friday and the following Monday off and called it Spring Break. School administrators now give kids

Maggie Knows

I hope you remembered to change your clock last night. That is if you live in a place that changes the time. Someone must have told Maggie it was time to change the clock. Maggie was pounding on my side of the bed at 5:20 MST time. If I would have change my clocks to the correct time it would have been 6:20 Daylight Time. I patted her head hoping it was going to be like hitting the snooze alarm. I thought she would let me sleep a while longer. She punched the bed again, I’m not one to give up easily. I patted her head again. Unfortunately, Maggie doesn’t give up either. She punched the bed again, harder this time. I felt Elaine move on her side of the bed. I laid very still. It wor

Birth Certificates and Passports

If you think the title of this story is about the President, you would be wrong. Other people can have problems with their birth certificate also. Girl Twin is going to Mexico and needed her first passport. It might seem weird to you that a thirteen year old would be getting her first passport. That’s most likely my fault, I’m not a big traveler. I did enough traveling in my construction career, I’m quite comfortable at home. You might be surprised that I identify myself with the movie Secondhand Lions. As a young man I traveled around, as I got a little older I had a batch of kids dropped in my lap. Now I am content to stay home sit on my porch and wait for salesmen to come down my dr

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