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Rice is Nice

It’s been nearly a year and a half since Elaine and I made the decision that changed the twin’s lives for the better. At least in their eyes. In my eyes, we might have made a mistake. Yes, I’m talking about buying the twins smartphones. Girl Twin has been most effected by the decision to buy phones. Boy Twin not so much. Girl Twin uses her phone for texting, phone calls, social media and games. The phone enables her to stay close to her friends in both positive and negative ways. Boy Twin uses his phone to ignore phone calls and texts, steal his grandmother’s phone charger, pretend his battery is dead, let his battery go dead, play games and text his girlfriend. Girl Twin left her phone

Boy Twin's New Friend

This is the story of Boy Twin's sleepover. Not a sleepover he attended, this is a story about a sleepover Boy Twin hosted. A couple months ago, Boy Twin had a new friend. His new friend, a boy, had moved to the area from Las Vegas by way, of Compton. Yes, folks that will get your attention. Next Boy Twin proceeds to tell me the friend knows gang signs and is teaching them to Boy Twin. I went from paying attention to being laser focused. Boy Twin: My friend wants to spend the night with me. Me: I don't see that happening. I don't think I'm going to like this kid. Boy Twin: Why? He is really funny and nice. Me: Grandma and I are going to need to meet the kid and his parents. But I will

Spring is in the Air

Spring has finally arrived in Northern Colorado. You can tell spring is here because the temperature hit 65 degrees at the house this week. Of course, it is now the weekend and the temperatures are now in the twenties. We have not seen the sun in two days and there is two feet of snow on the ground. If this sounds like the kind of springtime that appeals to you, think about moving here. I will build you a house. Springtime coincides with sleepovers. Well, not in everyone’s house, but they seem to be related in our house. Last week Boy Twin had a kid over and they started building a tree fort. The problem is they didn’t get it finished. Plans were made to sleepover every weekend unti

Another Yarn Fest and More Middle School Sports

Another Yarn Fest has come and gone. We at Your Daily Fiber would like to thank you for your support. When I say Your Daily Fiber, I mean Elaine and Ivy. Me? Not so much. Once again I did not get to participate. Elaine and Ivy get to fun of selling the yarn and talking to the people that enjoy the yarn. Me? My job is dye the yarn and then I get to carry it. Elaine tells me I am good at both tasks. I don’t see her changing my tasks any time soon. I did get to greet customers in the store while Elaine and Ivy were living it up at Yarn Fest. I was pretty good at my job. A nice lady from the Midwest came in and picked out some yarn. She even asked me if I thought the yarn in her hand

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