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Last Week of School/Memorial Day

I’m glad this past week is over. It was the twin’s last week of seventh grade. Of course, it wasn’t really the last week of seventh grade. School was actually over the previous week. Last week was spent watching movies in class, signing yearbooks and things like that. The teachers had already given up for the year. Elaine had a question of one of Girl Twin’s teachers. The teacher told Girl Twin, “I’m not calling your parents back, there is only two days left in the year.” Guess what! Teachers will call you back if you leave another message and ask them to forfeit their last two days of pay for the year. I have never been able to tell home owner/customer, “Hey, your house will be finis

900 Centimeters

It is time for a construction story. I have been building a new house for a great young couple. This couple have been living in a townhome and have decided to upgrade to a single family home. The key word is upgrade. The hardworking couple have made all the correct financial decisions to allow them to build their “forever” home. The house we are building for them has one of the best “gourmet” kitchen I have seen. Custom cabinets, marble countertops, a wine fridge, upgraded appliances including a glass exhaust hood are all in this kitchen. While the cabinets were being installed, the carpenter actually installing the cabinets walked up to me and said, “I hope the dishwasher fits in these

The Store, Kansas and California

It is springtime in the store. It’s not spring here on the mountain. On the mountain it is 30 degrees and rain/drizzle/sleeting. I can’t see the house across the road for the fog. The calendar tells us that it is spring, so who are you going to believe. Ivy received a bunch of new yarns this past week. I guess that’s a good thing for customers and even for Ivy, but for me not so much. I am going to have to build new displays. I can’t recall how many times I have had my invitation to be in the store rescinded, but when something needs to be built carried or yarn dyed, I’m the first one Ivy and Elaine call. Ivy/Elaine: Hey Monner, can you come in and put up some new shelves? Me: Don’t

I Had a Dream

I’m sure you’ve been asked the question on social media or in real life, “If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would you have lunch with?” I thought about all the people who I would love to spend an hour with once more. I immediately started thinking about people that are no longer with us. I enjoy spending time with my circle of friends. While I might enjoy seeing people from my past, no one living would be my once in a lifetime pick. My choice would most likely fall into the no longer living category. Names like Abe Lincoln, George Patton, Tenzing Norgay come to mind. but those names quickly fall into the maybe next time list. The person I wish I could spend an ho

Monner and the State Patrol

I know it’s Mother’s Day and I usually write something “beautiful” for Mother’s Day. Elaine’s words, not mine. But today I am not writing about anything beautiful. Oh, I wrote something for Mother’s Day a couple weeks ago. I going to post it today after this one. This story is about law enforcement, Yes, I received a traffic citation, a ticket. Don’t get me wrong, I deserved it. But that doesn’t stop me from being angry about it. I was driving through one of the residential areas from one house to another, when I spotted a Colorado State Patrol vehicle parked along the side of the road. If you been to Colorado you know the State Patrol are the guys who wear police uniforms and wait to g

Art Linkletter and Me

If you are as old as I am, you might remember an old black and white television show call “Kids say the darndest things.” The host was a man named Art Linkletter. The show was remade years later by another guy, but we are trying to forget the second show. If I was to remake the show today with me as the host, (I would want to be the host because I have ego issues.) I would want to call the show “Teenagers say things that (construction language) me off!” It is track season at the twin’s middle school. Boy Twin is competing in the discus, long jump and 200 meter dash. Girl Twin has decided that she does not want to participate in track this year, in spite of being a promising hurdler last

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