Monner's     Mumblings

“Dear, Boy Twin” and Emma

It’s been a tough week at Dream Believers Ranch. Yes, our “ranch” is called Dream Believers Ranch. It seems like yesterday, but it is actually quite a few years ago, Elaine started dreaming about living in the country. Well folks, when you believe the dream, and oh yeah, save some money, you can buy a crappy old house in the country (with no kitchen) and live happily ever after. That said, there are always going to be tests of your happiness. Boy Twin received a “Dear, Boy Twin” letter this past week. Well, it wasn’t actually a letter, it was a Instant/tele/Gram. Oh yeah, and it wasn’t Instant/tele/Grammed to him, it was Instant/tele/Grammed to Girl Twin, I don’t understand this Instant/

Summer’s End and Grandma’s Bike

I’m ready for the summer to be over. OK. maybe not totally over, but I’m ready for the twins to go back to school. We accomplished a lot this summer. Our baseball season is finished. We’ve been to Yellowstone. We dug a pond for our ducks in our yard. That one I wasn’t planning on. We had a perfectly, good plastic swimming pool the ducks could swim in, and then, someone’s brother (mine) hatched a couple dozen ducklings and gave five to someone (Ivy) and the next thing you know someone (Ol’ Monner) is outside digging a duck pond. OK, the family might tell a slightly different story. They might say that Ivy and Boy Twin started digging the pond with shovels. They might say that I saw t

I’m on Vacation, of course I wrote anyway.

Well, our vacation is over. As far as vacation go, our time was incredibly fun and incredibly horrible. As I wrote last week, we had vehicle trouble on our first day of vacation. Well, we had vehicle trouble on our last day of vacation. also. The twins, Elaine and I were getting really excited about getting home when 45 miles North of Rock Springs our truck lost power again. I thought the $480(+,-) I paid in Rawlins on the way to Jackson/Yellowstone was enough to allow us to enjoy our vacation. It was not. I was able to drive our truck the last 45 miles to Rock Springs and get to the GMC dealership exactly five minutes after the closed for the evening. We were able to make an appointme

Item #1 and Item #2

We are on vacation! Well, its sort of a vacation. I’m really not the traveling vacation kind of guy. I’m pretty sure I would be at home now, but as I mentioned Elaine was featured at the 50th Annual Jackson Hole Art Fair, and I was elected to go along. Jackson Hole is reasonably close to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. I have never been to either park, I needed to do something while Elaine was working the show so I thought I should take the twins along and visit the National Parks. Being fair to you guys, I will tell you I have started writing this story more than a couple times. The first time I had the time to write I was sitting under a tent in Jackson, Wyoming, watching

I Want to Go Back to School and Independence Day

I can’t believe it is already the July 4th weekend. Summer is nearly halfway over. Boy Twin announced last week he is ready to go back to school. Elaine and I asked why he would be ready to go back to school, he replied, “I want to see my friends.” Me: Why don’t you call someone and invite them over? Boy Twin: I don’t have a phone. If you remember, Boy Twin lost his phone just before school released for the summer. He hasn’t spoken with a school friend since school let out, including his “girlfriend.” Me: We have other phones. There is a phone in the house and at the store, the yarn store, YOUR DAILY FIBER. (I really didn’t say the store’s name, but I needed to get the yarn stuff out o

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