Monner's     Mumblings

Driving to School and Algebra

Getting through the first week of school was tough. I’ll admit it. I struggled a bit. I thought we were going to slide into it easy, but no. Elaine set her alarm last Sunday night and when the alarm went off Monday morning, Elaine got up. I thought we were going to lay in bed for another hour or so. It was still dark. Maggie hadn’t even started scratching the bed yet. Nope, no sleeping any longer, I had to get out of bed. The twins were getting up also. What the (construction language) were they up and happy about it for? My job is to drive the twins to school. Yes, they could ride the bus, but that would mean getting up even earlier. The twins would need to be at the bus stop ear

The Festival and the Start of School

Summer is officially over. School starts tomorrow. Well, its kind of already started, but we need to talk about a couple other things first. Last weekend was the New West Fest in our town. Elaine and Ivy debated this year whether to participate or not. I was definitely in the do not participate camp. When Elaine and Ivy read this you might hear some yelling. They seem to think I was in agreement that we should be a part of the festival again. Actually, when they were debating, I accidentally stopped listening. I thought they were asking me if I wanted dinner when I said yes. Based on the previous paragraph, you can guess it didn’t go well for us. Before you start feeling sorry for E

Light Rail and The Concert

Much to Ivy’s dismay, I like to use the computer at the store. I read the news sites on the web. I play solitaire games, check out the store’s website, important stuff like that. None of what I just wrote has anything to do with my story, but Ivy insists that I talk about the store. I’m just getting that out of the way. This story is going to take awhile, so you might want to get something to drink. Last March, I was listening to the radio, when an ad for a concert coming to Denver caught my attention. Coming to Denver were two bands I listened to when I was young. I think what caught my attention was that the two bands were playing together have nothing to do with each other. Before I g

Working in the Store and Milestones

I’m writing early this week. I just going to be too busy tomorrow. Come to think of it I’m busy today, but some things you just need to stop and take care of. I’m working in the store today. It’s the ‘something’ Annual Hot August Knits. I don’t know how many Hot August Knits there have been (and I don’t really care), but I can remember a bunch of them. We can talk about remembering in a couple minutes. Ivy has been working a bunch of hours in the store and asked to take some time off. She asked me to help Elaine in the store. Did you hear that? She asked me to help. I’ve kinda been in the store anyway. I’ve been dyeing the Hot August Knitting bags. I guess the some of the stores d

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