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Write about the Store

Ivy mentioned to me that I should write more about the store. I find that kind of funny, not funny, funny, but weird funny. How am I going to write about something if I am not invited to go in? Ivy is taking some time off next week and going on some kind of long weekend/vacation thing with some friends. Ivy will not be in the store next weekend. Guess who they asked to watch the store while she is gone. Nope, its not me. Elaine will be in the store next weekend. I would have the perfect chance to observe the happenings of the store and write stories about them but once again, I am not involved. Actually, Elaine will be in the store anyway teaching weaving class. I guess it makes sense

Monner and the Massage Parlor

I’ve mentioned a couple times, I’m back at the mall working on a construction project. I haven’t said much about it, mostly because I am trying to forget I’m part of it. I’ll give you a little background information on how this all got started. Back in the ’90′s I was working with a guy building Walblues Drug stores. Man, No wonder I feel so old; I’ve built a lot of stuff. Anyway, eventually I decided maybe there was enough Walblues in the world and decided to work closer to home. So, twenty-five years later (feeling old again) I get a call from the same guy from Walblues. Let’s call him Jerry. Jerry: Hey Monner, I heard you were working in the mall. Me: I WAS working in the mall. Jer

No Leaves Today

We don’t open the store on Sunday. We decided a couple years ago that our family needs one day off each week to do family stuff. If you are thinking by family stuff, I mean, skiing, fishing or taking day trips that would be a really good guess, but it would be wrong. Elaine and I have been planning to a daytrip to see the fall colors in the mountains. We started talking about it a month ago. We haven’t made it yet. Today looked like the day it was going to happen. I thought I was going to write a story early this morning and then we would take off. As luck would have it, before I could even get the coffee made an electrician friend called. “I’m coming up to install heat lamps in your

Yarn’s Dyed

The Halloween yarn has been dyed and is in the store. Go look at the stuff Ivy named “Brains”. I don’t know if it has anything to do with brains, but it is pretty cool. I pretty sure my “brains” aren’t really pinks and GREEN, but I can’t speak for Ivy. I’m glad this dye session is over. Now I can concentrate on construction in the mall and finishing another house as well as planning dyeing the next holiday yarn November 2nd is National Devil’s Egg Day. I’m thinking I could dye some white and yellow stripes with maybe some red dots for one of my favorite holidays. Oh yeah, I mentioned construction. I’ve been working on a new massage spa in the main mall building with an accelerated sche

Halloween Yarn

Ivy has been pretty busy in the store this past week. Ivy has decided we need to dye some Halloween themed yarn. Ivy has always liked Halloween and has always wanted to make a big deal out of it. When Ivy makes a big deal of something, somehow I get dragged along. When she was in elementary school, I took her Trick-or-Treating. She was dressed as a spider and I was dressed as Miss Muffett. Ivy collected a bunch of candy that night. I didn’t get any candy, as most people asked me to wait out by the street. At least no one called the cops. Where was I? Oh yeah, I was talking about dyeing Halloween yarn. Ivy thought we needed to dye some self-striping sock yarn themed for Halloween. P

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