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Basketball, Yarn Kits and Black Friday Surprises

While I was working in the mall, the rest of the family has been very busy. Boy Twin decided to play basketball for the middle school. This wouldn’t really be news, were it not for the fact that he has never played basketball in his life. When you live in the country and the nearest hard surface to dribble a basketball on is eleven miles away, basketball is not something you learn. I suggested he give it a try and his friends supported his/my decision. My suggestion was not totally unselfish on my part. I didn’t want him hanging around after school with nothing to keep him entertained. Girl Twin had decided to “manage” the basketball team with her friends. It made it very convenient fo

The End of an Era

I have reached another milestone in the writing of my stories. This is the last massage parlor story. The massage parlor is open. I am finished. Well, sort of. I will need to go back and replace the toilet room doors, and the tank on one toilet, and, oh yeah, half of the ceiling tile. Then I will be finished, but they are open for business. I know they are open for business because there is a bunch of people in massage parlor uniforms that have been standing in the way of the last minute construction workers, telling us we need to be quiet. I read an advertising sign on the door of the services offered this business. They offer waxing. I take great offense to them telling the construc

Washington, D.C.; Back Rubs and Fire Alarms

Its Sunday. I’m still on the seven day schedule at the massage parlor. I don’t really have time for this seven day crap, but that’s the cards I’ve been dealt right now. Ivy was on her extended weekend that I’ve been telling you about. Just to bring you up to date, Ivy and three friends found some app on one of their smart phones for some company that sends people on surprise vacations. I didn’t need or have an app to send me on surprise vacation, I had a Dad for that. Every time he said we were going on vacation he would say, “We’re going on vacation.” One of the brothers would say, “We went on vacation ten years ago, we’re going again?” I’ve used that strategy on both batches of my ki

Seven Days a Week

Did you remember to turn your clock back? I turned our clock back. OK, I didn’t turn any clocks back. We have one of those atomic clocks that turns it self back. Someone turns the clocks back on all the computers, phones tablets without me doing a thing. Technology has given me all this extra time I have previously reserved for changing my clocks twice a year. I’m not sure what I plan to do with this extra time; maybe I’ll take a nap. I forgot to tell Maggie this morning was the day we sleep an hour longer. She was up scratching on the side of the bed at the usual time. It wasn’t really mine or Maggie’s fault. Our roosters don’t have a clock to look at in the coop, so they got up by lo

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