Monner's     Mumblings

Christmas and a Catapult

Well, this is Christmas. The twins were up at 7:00 AM to open gifts. It was the first time that they have been up before noon on a non-school day since last Christmas. But who pays attention to that! I like Christmas. I think most people are in better moods and tend to be a little nicer. Except for the people driving around town. There is nothing nice about them. Some people even mistake me for one of the main characters of the Christmas season. No…. I don’t look like the Baby Jesus. I look like the second most likable Christmas character. When I wear my red jacket it actually confuses people who think I might be the real guy. I was talking to the cashier at my favorite liquor store.

Breakfast with Ivy

The store has been really busy this month. So busy in fact, Ivy has let me actually help her a little bit. It works well for me to work in the store because my construction stuff has slowed down. I don’t have a current project at the mall, and the future owners of the house I have under construction have asked me to slow down with the house. Finishing the house is a little stressful for them, with the holidays. They don’t want to think about the house during the Christmas season. Ivy and I went to breakfast a couple times last week to discuss my responsibilities. Those conversations were incredibly short. I realize that I really have no input to those conversation and I start thinking

Shopping Day and Detention

Imagine my surprise when Ivy and Elaine asked me to work in the store last week. Together they walked right up to me and said. “We’re going to need you to work in the store Friday.” My mind was racing. Something big had to be happening Friday, Ivy must have needed help with a knitting problem or something, It wasn’t long and I got hit with a heavy dose of reality. I remembered I don’t even knit. I asked what I would be doing. Elaine: Ivy and I will be taking our annual Christmas shopping day. You will be in the store by yourself. Me: That sound like fun, why can’t I go with you? Elaine: Well, first of all, you are not invited, and we didn’t look for anyone to work the store because w

Holiday Tradition

As I have written before, it has become a tradition in our family to use Thanksgiving weekend to go farther into the mountains of Northern Colorado and cut down the family Christmas tree. Well, this year we broke from tradition. Ivy and Elaine made the decision to open the store Black Friday and (Multi-colored) Saturday. That left Sunday to schedule our day for cutting the tree. This year, Girl Twin was invited to a sleep over. birthday party. A decision had to be made. Girl Twin: I’ve been invited to (this girl’s) birthday party Saturday night. Its a sleep over. Me: Sunday is the day we are going to the mountains to cut our Christmas tree. Girl Twin: Well, can’t we do both? Me: How

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