Monner's     Mumblings

CrockPots and Rearranging

Elaine and I will be having a milestone wedding anniversary this August. It is not one of the really big milestones, but it is milestone nonetheless. This is not a story about anniversaries, milestones or any other kind. Although……. if you are wondering. Our anniversary date is the 13th of August, and the handle is broken off our CrockPot. If you’re wondering. This is a story about how long I’ve intensely disliked (hated) one of the manly tasks of marriage, and how history repeats itself. Elaine and I were married and moved into a second floor apartment over on Petersen Street. The apartment was owned by the mother of a guy I went to high school with, who coincidentally married a girl E

Stock Show Yaks and Ear Infections

Today is the last day yaks are at the National Western Stock Show. I am not at the show. I will not be building my yak herd, at least for awhile. We had plans to attend the Stock Show yesterday, but when it came time to go, we cancelled our trip. It was as if Elaine knew I was planning to bring home a yak calf. Bringing home a yak calf is not the kind of thing a guy wants to discuss with his wife. Wives usually are not receptive to bringing home another yak, (Elaine is no exception) especially when the wife has been chased by a yak. If the wife has been chased several times by the same yak, it is even less likely that getting another yak would be a good idea. This is how I was going snea

Chuck Taylor’s and Smart TVs

The middle school Christmas vacation is over and the twins are back in school. The twins had four days of classes before the next three day weekend. Yep, they get off for Martin Luther King Day. I’m not sure if the teachers need to ease back into the classes or the kids need to ease back. None the less, at this point, five days of classes would be just too much. Winter sports started this past week. Girl Twin is playing girls basketball. Boy Twin is wrestling. I didn’t say boys wrestling because I guess girls can wrestle also. I’m not sure what I think of that With my first batch of kids, my son and daughter wrestled….and hit……and kicked. It never ended well. With my second batch

Bronchitis and Favorite Teachers

Well, so far as far as years go, 2017 is not my favorite. The year started with me having a case of the flu, turned out not to be the flu at all. After a trip to the the doctor, (Elaine nagged me into going) the doc thinks it is bronchitis. I guess his guess is as good as mine. Did you catch that I said HIS guess? My current female doctor, who I didn’t want to see anyway, wasn’t available, so I had to see a new doctor drawn from a pool of doctors that I have never met. When I was told my “regular”doctor was not available, I was asked which of the other doctors I would like to see. I replied, ”Well, I don’t know any of the other doctor’s; just get me an appointment with any doctor than

The Flu and 2017

Well, 2016 is gone and 2017 is here. So far I’m not very impressed with the new year. I have the flu. Last November, my doctor convinced me I should be getting a flu shot. Not my regular doctor, but the doctor I got assigned when I didn’t get to keep my regular doctor. OK, it wasn’t like what your thinking. My regular doctor retired. Fooled you, didn’t I? My new doctor is actually my second attempt at finding a replacement doctor. My first replacement doctor and I didn’t really see eye to eye. Literally! He was only five feet tall. Elaine thought he bought his clothes in the boy’s department. He had red hair. When I closed my eyes I could imagine I was talking to a leprechaun. At

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