Monner's     Mumblings

Four Days

Its been a hectic week for Ol' Monner. I have procrastinated to the point where I might be in a little trouble getting finished dyeing yarn for Yarn Fest. It is not my fault! Ivy, Elaine, the twins and future home buyers are clearly the problem. Not one of those people told me how little time I had left. Oh sure, Ivy and Elaine let me know that Yarn Fest starts on March 30th, but they didn't tell me March 30th is only four days away. See, it's not my fault. Elaine did tell me I needed more jewel tones. Not one time did she tell me I needed more jewel tones in four days. Looking back, Ivy might have tried to warn me. I kind of remember Ivy telling me, "You might want to get off *%$book

Y2Monner and Jewel Tones

Today is March 19th, 2017. That makes tomorrow Y2Monner. Last month, I received notice from our website host that on March 20, 2017, Monners Mumblings would lose access to the internet. Luckily, we have been through this before. Do you remember Y2K? When our web host informed us of impending doom, I did the same thing I did before January 1, 2000. I bought blankets and bottled water. While I was buying water, Ivy started calling website geniuses, to learn what she needed to do to save Monner's Mumblings. Ivy believed Monner's could be saved. Me? I wasn't so sure, she was talking to the same guys that got me to buy water the last time. Ivy: Monner, we can fix this. Me: What makes y

It works!

If you are reading Monner's Mumblings today, you might have noticed something is wrong. You most likely noticed Monner's Mumblings just doesn't look right. Last week I reported, Monner's Mumblings would loose its' access to the internet on March 20th. Well, Ivy saved the day! Or at least she saved Monner's Mumblings. However, gone are the bright colors. Gone are the llamas from the top of the page. But fear not, Elaine and Ivy are redesigning the look of Monner's Mumblings. It should have bright colors and maybe even pictures of llamas. I'm not sure what Monner's Mumblings will look like when Elaine and Ivy are finished with it. Sadly for me, I will have no input in the look of my st

Is This the End?

It should be no surprise that I am not a big fan of the latest technology. My disdain for new technology comes honestly. As a young carpenter, I realized that most times the “new” way of doing things weren’t always the best way of doing things. My experience as a carpenter predates the use of pneumatic nailers. Oh, we had them; but they were not used to drive every nail like they are today. My fellow carpenters took great pride in hitting every nail one, two or three times to drive the nail “home”. We made contests of our hammering skills. It made our work fun. Somewhere along the line, some “brainiac” thought if carpenters would use pneumatic nailers buildings could be built faster, t

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