Monner's     Mumblings

Summer's Coming and Best Dude Ranch

Can you believe it's May 1st tomorrow? The twins have less than a month of school left for this year. Of course, they could quit tomorrow and it wouldn't hurt them. The rest of the year is filled with field trips and no work days. I'm a little concerned about what the summer brings. Not so much for me, I'll be dyeing yarns and building houses. Boy Twin has played himself onto a baseball team that is associated with his future high school. He is scheduled to play fifty-five games. The games are all played within a fifty mile radius of our home town. I think we (Elaine and I, maybe Ivy) will be required to get him to all of the games. I played baseball. I couldn't depend on my parents

Ankles, Shopping Carts and Snow

Before we start talking about yarn I would like to talk about my other favorite subject........ME! I have a phobia. I don't think about my phobia everyday, but when the conditions are right, it scares the (construction language) out of me. My phobia can only take place in places like grocery stores and big box stores. I am terrified of someone getting behind me with their shopping cart and running over the backs of my ankles. Oh, I know its cute when you let your toddler push the cart around the store to keep them entertained. I know that sometimes your grandmother can get a little absent minded looking for lemon-pepper. I know that some grandfathers will run over your ankles just becaus

Starch and Campfires

Happy Easter! This Easter has not been all that happy, but it is memorable. I lost an ex-sister-in law and friend last night. RIP Nanc, your struggles are over. Thanks for reading and laughing with me. ******** Following the lead of Boy Twin, I would like to announce Your Daily Fiber will be expanding and will become Your Daily Fiber and Snacks. This week I caught Boy Twin dragging out the ironing board. I found this extremely weird due to the fact I have never seen him iron ANYTHING in his life. Hey, come to think of it, I've never seen me iron anything, either. Stay with me folks. I'll get back to Boy Twin in a minute, but this is a time to talk about ME! My mother insisted she iron

Rearrange and $14/hr.

With the end of Yarn Fest last weekend, you probably think that I am now able to go into "rest and relax" mode. At least, that's what I thought. Sadly, I misjudged Elaine and Ivy. Immediately after finishing writing my story last week, Ivy and Elaine (not necessarily in that order) informed me we needed to run into the store to rehang the yarn and rearrange the store. I mistakenly interpreted what they said by thinking I was going to drive with them into town and watch them rearrange the store. You see, both twin were at sleepovers, and I'm not the stay at home, read a book kind of guy. (We can talk about sleep overs in a minute.) I thought it would be nice going into town. Maybe we co

I'm Not Bitter

Yarn Fest has come and gone. Regardless of what you are about to read here, I'm not bitter. I'm actually glad I had to watch the store, while Ivy and Elaine enjoyed themselves interacting with hundreds of fellow yarn enthusiasts at Yarn Fest. You will never hear me complaining that the only time I spent at Yarn Fest was setting up and taking down the booth. OK, in fairness, I did stop by the Yarn Fest to bring more yarn. I didn't get to hear first hand, the lady telling her friends, "I know this store, it is the one with the funny blog." Nope, I didn't hear that first hand. Not while I was sitting in the chair at the store waiting on the few customers that didn't attend Yarn Fest. Nope

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