Monner's     Mumblings

Memorial Day and Watermelon

There was a time in my life when I looked forward to the Memorial Day holiday. Memorial Day meant a day off from work, the end of school, or maybe the first barbeque or camping trip of the year. Some years back, in my adult life, I realized Memorial Day is not a holiday at all. The point of Memorial Day was to honor and remember the people that are no longer on earth to talk to, laugh with, take a walk, or go to a ballgame with or anything else with. They are just gone. It seems appropriate to remember and honor the men and women that gave everything they had to give us the right to pursue the things that we enjoy and make us happy. Like Monner’s Mumblings! (Sorry, I’ll try not to do th

Just a Day in the Life of Yarn Store Owners

You might want to get your favorite beverage. This could be a long story. I would think that most people have heard the old humorous phrase, "If you don't like the weather in Colorado wait 30 minutes." If you have never heard it before, you have now. OK, let me set the stage for this story. My family and I live 14 miles from the nearest gas station/convenience store/restaurant. We live 40(+) miles from the nearest full town. Driving to that town will take a safe driver an hour or more, because the first 11 miles with take at least twenty minutes. (Don't do the math. My equation is based on excessive speeds where it possible.) The elevation of our house is almost 2500' vertical feet abo

My Heroes have always been Mothers

I don't enjoy writing every story that I write. Some of the story lines are quite painful. I try to keep the stories as truthful as can be. Oh, I might on occasion, downplay my involvement in a story just to let someone else be the hero every once in a while. This Sunday is Mother's Day and that is always a painful day for me. My Mom passed thirty years ago this June. I can't say passed away because she is not away. She spends everyday in my heart watching every step I take in this "crazy life". (She's watching the rest of the family also, but I'm not letting anyone else be the hero in this story.) I'm not sure my Mom would fit in today's world. I can't see Mom texting while drivin

The Forehead Test and Moving Upstairs

The common cold has attacked our family this past week. Boy Twin was kind enough to bring the virus into our house, and I want to thank him for it. Before you start trying to convince me I can't be sure it was Boy Twin, I would like to say that I'm writing this story and I'm blaming him. All great history books are written through the eyes of the author from the research done by that author. I'm not saying, Monner's Mumblings is like a great history book; well, that's exactly what I'm saying. My research leads me to believe Boy Twin brought the virus into our home. Boy Twin was the first one of our family to miss school or work. Well, that's not exactly true. Elaine: Monner, Boy Twin i

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