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"Working" with Millennials

I am having great difficulty finding workers in my construction world. As I have said before, my generation encouraged our kids to get "white collar" jobs. What turned out to be unfortunate; our kids listened. Even more unfortunate, our kids told their kids to get "white collar" jobs. The result of all that advice is, if you are trying to build a house, well, good luck. My employer is getting to a point in his life where he needs to start thinking about who is going to take over the company at the time of his retirement. My employer (let's call him Bob) has five kids. I have been working with 2 of Bob's kids this past summer. The kid's are earning spending money. learning a little bit a

National Parks, Donut Holes and Earrings

Elaine has been working on weaving her one of a kind handmade garments for the last year. Her thoughts were to have enough garments to sell in the store and at the Western Design Conference. It came down to the last second. Elaine was literally working, sewing and placing tags in the motel room every night of the Western Design Conference. (OK, I was working also. I didn't want to say anything because I have difficulty talking about myself. Elaine wants me to work on that, but it is a low priority in my life.) The fashion show was a great success and it is time to take some time for ourselves. We decided to take a scenic drive home from Jackson after the show. We decided to drive throug

Packing, an Open Bar and a Fashion Show

IF you ever plan on attending the Western Design Conference in Jackson, Wyoming you might want to take pants. The Western Design Conference is an art/fashion show featuring wearable art, jewelry, furniture and architecture, with artists coming from all over the United States. This event takes place in Jackson, Wyoming. You might think the pants advice is ridiculous and unnecessary. Please consider that some people need to learn the hard way. I know a person like that. Some of you might know him also. It was Elaine's husband. You might think that Elaine's husband is lacking in some intelligence, but keep in mind it was Elaine who married him. Not only did she marry him, Elaine stayed

High School, the Eclipse, and a Haircut

High school has started for the twins. So far it has been an amusement park ride, full of ups and downs. Starting at the top and headed down, Girl Twin did not make the softball team. This wasn't all that surprising. She is now competing with girls that make softball a major part of their lives. Girl Twin hasn't made that commitment. Unfortunately, the situation with her not making the team did not endear me to the school or team. OK, I'm not that petty, listen to the story before you judge me. The story begins with an eclipse. Seriously, I am going to tie the eclipse to softball. I'm not a really a moon and stars kind of guy. I didn't want to walk on the moon. I don't check my horos

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