Monner's     Mumblings

Dye Pots and Three Firemen

It was a lively week at YOUR DAILY FIBER this past week. I started dyeing the yarns that Ivy had shipped to the store. Without getting technical (boring), I dye the yarn by heating the yarn to almost boiling in pots in our back room. Simple enough. What becomes hard is remembering to turn off the pots before we go home. In fact, the remembering part is so hard, Ivy trusts no one but herself to turn the pots off. Years ago, Ivy earned the job of turning off the pots, as she was the only one that actually forgot to turn the pots off. Ivy turned some yarn into charcoal and herself into a worrying nutcase, all in one evening. Ivy (and I) went back to the store at 11:00 PM. It was a good t

Spam, Mac and Cheese, Slow Dancing and Grounded

It has been a wild couple of weeks at Your Daily Fiber. I haven’t told you because, well, I didn’t see a reason to get Ivy all fired up. I guess we can talk about it now, and then we can get to the good stuff. Yep, I have another couple Homecoming dance stories, but first I should talk about the store. I’m ready to tell you why Ivy was fired up. We had some turmoil caused by Monner’s Mumblings. A couple Sunday’s ago I sent out my story, EXACTLY as I always do. Ivy has made publishing these stories on the web extremely easy for me. I get up on Sunday, type for a while, and let Elaine and Ivy read the story. (They are supposed to be proofreading and complimenting me. Frankly, at times t

A Different Birthday Suit and Dancing

This past week was one of those times that made me realize I might be passing from middle age to my golden years. Our second batch of kids (the twins) turned 15 this past week. Our twins attended to their first high school dance last night. Those two events alone will push you towards your “golden” years. However, I need to discuss one more event that might indicate I am finally “old.” Moreover, I was in control of this event, sort of. A couple weeks ago, a new store opened in the region in which we live; a sporting goods store. Ivy, Boy Twin and I attended the opening. One week before Boy Twin’s birthday, I thought it might make birthday shopping easier for Elaine and I, if he gave us

Love Hurts

Ivy has decreed that I write about the store this week. She has become more aggressive in her management style. Ivy has made it clear that the Monner’s Mumblings blog is located on the Your Daily Fiber website, which Ivy happens to control. She has threatened to remove my stories from the internet, What would I do Sunday mornings? So, in order to comply with Ivy’s demands I will be writing about Your Daily Fiber, but not just yet. You might be wondering what the title of this story has to do with a yarn store. The answer is simple, nothing. The title is about our twins, Boy Twin and Girl Twin. The Homecoming dance is next week. Elaine and I attended the very same high school that the

Senior Class Pictures and Invites to Homecoming

Life has slowed down a bit, at least for me. The twins’ are busy getting ready for the Homecoming dance. Boy Twin is busy trying to keep his girlfriend. It seems she is not a big fan of his earrings. If the truth were known, I’m guessing that his girlfriend’s parents are not big fans of earrings and told girlfriend she doesn’t like earrings either. I grew up in the late sixties and seventies. I know a little about parents having a problem with hairstyles and clothing. Did I ever tell the story of my senior class pictures? I didn’t cut my hair during my junior and senior years of high school. My parents hated the length of my hair. When it came time to take yearbook pictures, my mother

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