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2017 is Done (almost)

Holy cow! Can it really be the last day of 2017? As with all years other years before, 2017 was certainly bittersweet. The twins (second batch) started high school this past year. Talk about bittersweet. It seems they grew up overnight. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to like the high school years. High School is nothing like the high school of my youth, or for that matter even the high school of my first batch of kids. Both twins have asked to attend New Year’s Eve parties this evening. This is a first. Elaine and I haven’t attended a New Year’s Eve party for years. Transporting the twins to parties away from home is a problem I didn’t want to have. Maybe the real problem is I am a g

Bing and a White Christmas

And so it is Chistmas.....Eve. The day began just like any other. Someone in the house needs to get up to let the dogs out. Elaine took first shift. At least she said she did. When the dogs woke me scratching at the door, Elaine announced, "I have already let the out once." Those words were actually mean, "It's your turn." I had hoped that Boy Twin would be awake and let the dogs out. After all, it was just last night, he announced to the family, "I'm going to stay awake until Christmas morning!" I tried to bring him back to reality by reminding him, "Hey that's like thirty-six hours." He replied, "I know it's going to be great. I looked it up on Doogle; the record for a kid staying

Cops, Twins and the Dean

I remember my mother telling me once, "I hope your kids give you the same kind of trouble you gave me." OK, she said it more than once. As nearly perfect of a child as I was, I had to be disciplined a couple times. But this not a story about me. That is a story for another day. I have been to the local high school twice, speaking to law enforcement and the dean, in the last seven days. Once for each twin. "Mom, I'm sorry! Could you stop laughing? Maybe you could put in a good word to God for me? If not for me, at least for Elaine." OK, let's start the story. When your child telephones you and starts the phone call with, "I didn't do it, I'm not involved!" pay attention. Me: OK, back up! What

Helmet Liners and Good Ideas

It's holiday time at Your Daily Fiber. I hope the season finds you happy and healthy. There is a lot of craziness out there. Ivy and Elaine have decided to dedicate the season to helping the military. Ivy (and Elaine) are involved in a program to provide helmet liners to soldiers deployed in the cold parts of the world. Even though I had some incredible ideas to help the program, I have been asked to take a back seat in the planning. The rules for these helmet liners are pretty strict. The liners need to be specific colors, material and very plain in their construction. I asked, "Why don't we spruce them up?" That's when I was asked to go sit down. Actually, I didn't get asked anythin

Sunday Brunch

I've got to hurry and write my story this morning. I have promised to take the family out for pre-holiday brunch. Can you imagine taking three generations of Sipes' at the same restaurant, at the same time? Remember, two of them are teenagers. Getting socially active teenagers to family events, a parent needs to use their whole bag of tools (trickery, magic, guilt, bribery, and sometimes brute force). Driving into town last week, I noticed a billboard advertising a new restaurant was opening in our neighborhood. OK, it was twenty miles from our home, but we don't have any restaurants that are any closer, so I am claiming this restaurant for our own. I mentioned to Elaine we should take t

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