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Disinfectant, Hockey and Bowling

We have had a bug in our house the last couple of weeks. I’m not sure how or who brought it into our house, so I have no one to blame. It might have even been me. I’ve noticed in our construction office someone has strategically place hand sanitizer bottles around the office. My employer returned to the office after attending a meeting and proclaimed, “There were nine attendees at this meeting, and seven of them were sick.” He proceeded to spray disinfectant on the papers he was carrying and soon moved to spraying his clothing. I understand what he was trying to do and don’t fault him for doing it. Personally, I’m more likely to let the kids bring “bugs” home and deal with it. It is en

I Didn't Win

On a typical Sunday morning, Elaine usually asks, “What’s your story about today?” Usually I will answer, “I don’t know, did anything happen in the store last week? How about the twins, did they do anything I need to write about?” This week is different. I knew what I was going to write about on this Sunday for at least a month. It was over a month ago that Ivy asked me, “Hey, the health club is sponsoring a 5K race, do you want to run?” Now as crazy as that question was, it wasn’t really all that crazy. The entire family ran in a “fun” run on Thanksgiving Day. I am competitive. I have a history of running. I have never run a distance certified 5K. I’m not getting younger. We don’t

Just Another Week

Last week was crazy. The twins went back to school Tuesday. Boy Twin started baseball practice Monday. Yep, baseball practice on January 8th. The Colorado Rockies haven’t started practice and won’t until sometime in February. I’m really not complaining, its really kind of nice for Boy Twin to have something structured to do after school. But there wasn’t school Monday. It wasn’t really a big deal because It was a regular work day for Elaine, Ivy and I. It was no big deal to take Boy Twin to practice, (OK, I’m complaining now.) except for someone scheduled the baseball practice to start at 7:00 PM. No, that is not a typo, practice started at 7:00 PM. Practice ended at 8:30 PM. Our wor

Takin' Down the Lights

The holiday season is over. We will be taking down our Christmas tree today. We won’t take down our outside lights for a while. I not sure if it is procrastination or I’m just plain lazy. Truthfully, I do like the outside lights and would leave them up all year, but even though “a man’s house is his castle”, well, that just does not apply to me. Elaine makes those decisions also. I’m guessing in a couple weeks, on a Sunday, Elaine will say, “Are you ready to take the lights out of the trees?” I’m sure as you are reading this, you are thinking Elaine is asking me if I am ready to take down the outside Christmas lights. Nope! Elaine is telling me that the lights are coming down that day

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