Monner's     Mumblings

Hip and Neck Surgery and Oh yeah, Einstein

It was a tough week for Ol’ Monner. I had a couple friends have surgery this past week. One had his third hip replacement and the other had vertebrae fused in his neck. I know you’re thinking, third hip replacement, did this guy have three legs? Nope, it seems those late night television commercials that advertise class action lawsuits for bad hip replacements parts are true. If you are involved in one of those lawsuits, you get a new hip and some money to boot. My buddy says it’s not worth it. My other friend started losing feeling in his hands. He said his hands were numb for several months. He made the mistake of mentioning it to his wife. As wives will do, she made an appointment

Trust, Ideas and Other Holidays

Well, Valentine's day has come and gone. We at Your Daily Fiber hope you spent some quality time with all (or at least one) of the significant people in your life. Personally, I might have dropped the ball, albeit just a little. A typical Valentine's Day for my family usually means Elaine and I will be getting a little gift for the kids. Sometimes it will include dinner at a restaurant. Well, Valentine's Day fell on Wednesday this year. Wednesday is one of the days Elaine works at home and does not go to town. Wednesday morning, Elaine asked me if I could pick up "a little something" for the kids for Valentine's Day. Of course always happy to help, I said, "yes." Historically, Elaine

Valentine Bouquets

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. I know this because Ivy reminded me. She didn’t remind me so I wouldn’t disappoint her mother. Ivy was more sinister than that. Ivy: Valentine’s Day is coming. I have an idea for the store. Me: That’s great. What’s your idea, and thanks for reminding me. Ivy: I’m going to make roses from yarn. Me: I’m not sure what you are going to do. Ivy: I will show you. Ivy started wrapping a skein of white sparkle yarn around a green stick. When she was finished, she had a pretty white rose made from yarn on a long stem. I was impressed and told her so. I told her she could make a bunch of white roses and put them together to make bouquets. That’s when she l

Passing the Bug

I was a little off my game this past week. I finally caught the “bug” people have been passing around town. I didn’t spend much time in the store, but I did go every day to my construction job. I didn’t want any store customers to get sick because of me. I wasn’t as caring about the guys and one woman that I work with. I have reasons for being like this. Let’s talk about them. I’ll start with the woman I work with. Last week she announced at work that her granddaughter (Who she helps raise and lives with her part time.) was sick the previous night. Maybe I picked up some germ that was on this woman’s coat sleeve that her granddaughter strategically placed there. It’s possible. It’s

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