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I'm going to be a little late today with my stories. The truth is I'm on my way to run or walk in a 5K with the kids and Elaine.. I'll tell you about it when I get back. Our crazy lives! Monner

You Decide!

I apologize for sleeping in this morning. I usually get up early on Monner’s Mumbling Day. The truth is I was up late last night. Yesterday, when a dear friend asked what I was going to write about today, I replied, “I really don’t know.” I wasn’t lying. It had been a great week at YOUR DAILY FIBER. The sales were great. The twin hadn’t done anything to write about. I had some construction stories to tell, but they haven’t come to an end, so I will write those on another day. I have finished every Monner’s Mumblings with the words “Our crazy lives”. I think this story is an example of why. You decide. Last evening, Girl Twin came to Elaine and I and announced, “(My friend) ran away.

A Nasty Cough

Yarn Fest is over, for the first time since it opened, I did not attend. I know, I said I didn’t want to be involved in Yarn Fest this year, but I wouldn’t have minded going as a visitor/customer. I thought Elaine and I would go out to the yarn Fest and talk to the people we know. People like Elaine. They talk to her. They ask her what she’s working on, what shows Elaine plans on attending and then they will tell her: Friend: I really enjoy your husband’s blog. Elaine: Thank you, this is my husband standing right here. Friend: Oh. Yes, people really enjoy Elaine. Elaine and I didn’t get to the Yarn Fest together because of this (construction language) cough/cold, I have. This cough

Dyed Eggs and Yarn Fest (Not Going)

For those of you who wonder if I made the 40(+) mile trip last Sunday (Easter) to purchase egg dye, I did. For those of you who wondered who accompanied me on the 40(+) mile trip to buy egg dye, which would be no one? It seems watching downloaded television on a screen so small it fits on the face of a "smart" phone, is much more entertaining than going to the store with a lonely old man. OK, I’m not that lonely but it makes for a better story. Me: Put your phone down and come with me to get egg dye. Girl Twin: I'm watching my favorite show. You had your chance to buy dye. Me: (I tried guilt.) Ok, I'll just go by myself. Girl Twin: That'll be great. Can you pick up some orange juic

Happy Easter

Happy Easter/April Days Fools Day! Last night, Girl Twin said to me, "I see you didn't buy Easter egg dye." I looked around, hoping she wasn't talking to me. I knew in my heart she was talking to me, that didn't keep me from hoping. I looked to the other adults for help, there wasn't any help from them. Everyone was looking at me. I suggested that now that she and Boy Twin were in high school, they wouldn't want to dye eggs. She simply said, "We always dye eggs." That hit me hard. I didn't understand the rules. Over the last couple years, I watched the Twins stop "trick or treating" with me to be with their friends. That one hurt! Getting them to go to dinner is getting less and les

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