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Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day weekend in America. I don’t like the holiday. I know it’s the start of summer. A lot of us are having picnics in our backyards, getting together with friends and family. That’s all good, and truthfully I bought a new bag of charcoal for the weekend myself. However, that’s not what Memorial Day is for. It’s for remembering. This weekend is off to a bad start. Maggie (the Great Pyrenees) has totally ignored the fact that it is a weekend and woke me up every day before 5:00 AM. Today was no exception. Maggie scratched on the bed at 4:45 AM. Me: Maggie, (construction language) it is 4:45 AM. You lay down! Maggie: You need to get up. It’s Memorial Day Weekend. You n

Summer, Newspapers and Wet TVs

One day last week, I was taking the twins to school, when the one in the back seat said, “We only have a little more than a week of school!” Then the other twin said, “We will soon have almost three months off!” I started thinking, “Just wait, you little (construction language), just wait. You’ll get yours soon enough.” You see, we mess kids up in their formative lives by giving them summers off. It happened to me. It doesn’t matter if the child finishes their school in the 8th grade, (like Abraham Lincoln) after high school, after college (like my ex-brother-in law, that finished when he was forty –two), it doesn’t matter, someday kids become adults and will no longer get summers off.

Shampoo, Silk Yarn and Mother's Day

It’s Mother’s Day, and I will talk about that in a minute. First, I need to talk about some more important. You guessed it, shampoo! As a child, my weekly bath included a thorough hair washing with a beautiful green shampoo called Shrell. OK, that sentence probably has you asking a couple questions . First, if you are under fifty-five years old, you may need to Google, Shrell. (Not it’s real name. We don’t endorse products here.) Yes, my brothers and I took baths. We had a shower in the house, but we did not have a shower curtain. My brothers and I did not share bath water, at least not all five of us. Bath water was used for no more than three of the Sipes brothers. It was advantag

Learners Permits, Career Change and a Billionaire

I’ve need to get back to the Sunday morning stories. I just can’t get used to this mid-week stuff. I think you guys are also on the Sunday schedule and don’t have time to read during the week. Anyway, here we go. The twins have reached the age where they can drive, providing they get their learners permit. They actually could have received their learners permit a few months ago. Elaine and I didn’t exactly push the twins to drive. Elaine and I had our reasons although we didn’t agree. Elaine, the practical one, saw the increased family costs. Insurance, gas, and cars. I could see all those things also, but truthfully, I have been teaching and letting the kids drive for years. Hey, whe

In a Day or Two

It's too busy of a day. One twin is at driver's ed class, The other at a sleep over. I'll tell the story in a day or so. Plus another secret story. Our crazy lives! Monner

Paper Sacks and White Shoes

I didn't think it would take this long, but I have finally rested enough to write another story. Before I start with a new story, let me finish an old one. If you are wondering how the runaway story ended up, so am I. The story ended like a sparkler on the Fourth of July. It fizzled for a while and then it just went out. (My friend) stayed at our house for two nights (per her parents request). The twins and I dropped her off at school Monday morning. She went home Monday after school and I have heard nothing since. This was definitely a story that was better in the middle than in the end. I don't understand kids running away today. They're crazy, running away for real. I told my Mo

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