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Karma and My Tennessee Adventure

Karma is a (construction language). Last week I (gleefully) wrote a story about Girl Twin on a car trip to Vermont with five other people and one dog. Riding in a car to Vermont seemed almost cruel to me. Somehow, for a reason I cannot comprehend, Girl Twin was looking forward to the trip. Elaine told Girl Twin she could go on the trip. I just laughed and laughed. Girl Twin was going to be miserable. Hey, sometimes you need to experience a little pain to learn a life lesson. Having just found Girl Twin’s car trip so amusing, without giving it a second thought I decided to take a car trip myself. Did I mention that I wasn’t planning on a road trip for myself, therefore, Elaine (and I) a

Father's Day Sleep Overs

It is Father’s Day . I was chatting with a couple dad’s I know, when one of them asked me if I got breakfast in bed today. I giggled and said, “No I was the first one up (with Maggie, the Great Pyrenees). I made coffee and let the dog out. Elaine was getting ready to go to the game. Yes, I spent my morning at Boy Twin’s baseball game. Boy Twin spent the night with another player so I would not need to get up and take him to the early morning game. It was a nice thought, however, since I had to get up anyway to make coffee and let Maggie out, well, it was a nice thought. Boy Twin did yell Happy Father’s Day to/at me while he ran past first base during the game. The other dads mentioned

Inkle Weaving

Summer is here. I know this because Elaine tells me at least every hour, “I’m HOT.” Which is a refreshing change from all winter long, Boy Twin demanding, “Turn the heat on.” In the winter, Girl Twin will ask, “Can’t we direct the heat down towards our feet?” As she sits barefoot in the car. Yes, its hot out there and I love it. Yesterday, the outside temperature was in the nineties. Inside, the store started to heat up. Elaine announced, “I’m HOT”! (See. I told you she says that.) Elaine adjusted the thermostat to lower the temperature in the store. It wasn’t long and Ivy announced, “Mom, I didn’t bring a sweater, can’t we raise the temperature on the air conditioning?” Elaine said

Your Daily Fiber and the Wildlife Sanctuary

Ivy has repeatedly asked me to keep my stories about our/her yarn store, Your Daily Fiber. Today, I am going to honor her wish. I will start with the backstory. Ivy celebrated her birthday last week. Celebrating Ivy’s birthday can be difficult for the rest of our family. Ivy has two interests, knitting and everything else in the world. It’s that everything else in the world that’s difficult. I’ll take that back, it’s the knitting that is difficult. Ivy knows more about knitting than most people.. If she doesn’t know something about knitting she will research it until she knows everything. Buying Ivy knitting related presents usually results in comments like, “Hey, I already have thi

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