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Dye Pots and Wet Socks!

Dyeing yarn for Your Daily Fiber has been something that has been easy for me. That’s why I like it. I get to choose the colors. I can procrastinate. There is not a whole bunch of heavy lifting. Ivy doesn’t boss me around much, in fact she doesn’t pay much attention to me at all. (We are going to talk about that in a minute.) When you reach the age that I am now: things happen that have never happened before. One of these things happened this past week. Dyeing yarn is really simple. Get some water hot; really hot. Add some dye stuff. Soak the yarn. Rinse the yarn and let the yarn dry. Sounds simple doesn’t it? I’ve had something in the back of my mind every time I dye yarn. I th

The Summer of the Empty-Nest

I was told by an employer many years ago, “Someone will say something so powerful to you in a conversation and it will it will shape your life. If you went to them later, they would not even remember the conversation.” I can tell you he was right. Something my mother said to me is an exact example of what my employer was talking about. My mother said to me, “Be careful what you wish for!” After seven decades of life and two batches of kids, I know exactly what she meant. With the twins entering their sophomore year, Elaine and I have been discussing what life will bring when we are “empty-nesters”. (Buy yarn at Your Daily Fiber) This summer has become the summer of the “empty-nest”. The

A Beard

Are you getting excited? It is only a couple weeks until the start of the Hot August Knit Yarn Crawl. (Ivy is making me write about the store.) We will talk about that in a minute. I’ve got something to tell you. Elaine and I had a date night last night. With our busy schedules we rarely get to go out alone. Don’t feel sorry for us; we spend almost every summer evening on our old deck sitting next to our (gas) fire pit until the (construction language) bugs make Elaine go in the house. I don’t think the bugs actually bite her, I think she might be sick of me asking what she thought of my last blog. Anyway, before I get back to the store story, last night we were walking up to the fron

It's Not Over

Before we get started on something new, I think I should take the time to close out the story of our Salida Art Show saga. It turns out our water well did not dry up after all. What really happened was our pump had electrical problems. Without getting too technical, an electrical problem outside the house created an electrical problem inside the house, which resulted in the pump not being able to bring water from underground into the house. The truly great news is once the electric problems were corrected, we have more water than we have had since we bought the house. Coming back from Salida was not without its challenges. First, I needed to get my brother’s truck(s) back so he could use

Adventures are Fun?

Chapter I (Yes, this one has chapters.) We’re home! In the words of Chief Joseph, “I will leave no more, forever.” Chief Joseph didn’t really say that, but he would have if he had been with our family on this trip to the Salida Arts Fair. When Elaine told me she had been accepted in the Salida Arts Fair, I was, well, I was delighted and sad at the same time. I was delighted for Elaine. Elaine loves to be included in art shows. I was sad because if Elaine is accepted in an art show, I’m accepted into an art show. Elaine is happy. Me, not so much. When you don’t want to attend an art show anyway, and it starts off like this one, a person is totally justified disliking art shows. Let’s g

Another Trip

We’re all accustomed to me writing, Monner’s Mumblings on Sunday morning. The truth is this week’s adventure is not over yet, so I will be brief. I am sitting at a picnic table at a RV camp in Coaldale, Colorado. Elaine, the twins and I are attending the Salida Arts Fair, where Elaine is selling her BEAUTIFUL hand-made garments. The twins and I (and a nephew) are doing the tourist thing. So far the trip has been bad. Did I say bad, I meant terrible. I will let you decide how terrible when I return home on Tuesday. There is no place like home, no place like home! Monner’s Mumblings will talk about broken tow vehicles, maybe two of them, a forest fire, no cellular service, a tree, a nephe

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