Monner's     Mumblings

Bears and a Parents Meeting

I can’t believe it. School has started! Our family prepared for the start of school, but I just can’t get used to the fact that it is really here. I watched as Elaine took the twins, one at a time, to buy school clothes. That happened last month. I paid attention when Ivy took it upon herself to take Girl Twin to buy school supplies. Boy Twin didn’t want to buy school supplies. He wanted to spend the day swimming and hanging out with his friends. “Boy Twin does want to buy school supplies, school must not be starting yet.” But then Girl Twin mentioned, “Can we buy lunch supplies? I saw a great backpack at Bob’s Club, we can get everything there.” Boy Twin announced, “I don’t need lu

The Running of the Peaches

The Fort Collins Peach Festival 5K, big deal! After looking forward to the Peach Festival 5K for weeks; and it finally arrived yesterday. Hundreds of people had a great time. But not me! It all revolves around the pancakes. Runners were promised peach pancakes (which admittedly, I typically don’t eat peach pancakes) for finishing the race. I anticipated that I would be handed my pancakes as I crossed the finish line. This did not happen at all! We are going to talk about the race in a minute, but…….. After running over three miles, for pancakes (that I would usually not enjoy) we, the runners; had to wait in line for pancakes. A very long line. To make matters worse, the pancake mak

Discounts and Peaches

The 2018 Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl is over and now I can rest. It has been exhausting. Thank God, I have tabled my construction career this summer. My responsibilities for the Yarn Crawl were overwhelming. Ivy put me in charge of the sales counter. I was stamping passports, giving out buttons and checking out customers, while Elaine and Ivy answered questions. I was especially good at handling the money transitions. Ivy lowered prices on select yarns in the store. I needed to discount those yarns at the register. I developed a new method for keeping track of the discounts. When a customer placed their purchases on the sales counter, I would call Ivy or Elaine and tell them, “I don’t

Broken Lance and Yarn Crawl Parking

I slept late this morning. Oh, Maggie (the Great Pyrenees) scratched on the bed at 5:00, but I went back to bed. I went to bed last night at an age appropriate time, but I didn’t go to sleep. No, that time was not 7:30. I was lying in bed watching an old Western movie called “Broken Lance”. Spencer Tracy, Robert Wagner, Richard Widmark, some chick; (1954). I had never seen this movie before and actually, I thought it was pretty good. Elaine thought so too. I know this because I looked over at her and she had on her earphones listening to a book on her tablet, glasses on and eyes closed. I thought to myself, “It doesn’t matter, It’s my birthday and I get to pick what’s on television. (

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