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Foot II

I don’t like doing sequels and remakes. They are never as good as the first. Remember Jaws? The first one was good. Then, “Jaws Eats a Helicopter” You really don’t need to see that one. Didn’t they make about a hundred Harry Potter’s? How good can they be? Ivy took me to Harry Potter #1. I fell asleep and haven’t been to the theater since. They tell me you can sit in recliners and drink alcoholic beverages at the theater. Are they just begging me to take a nap? Does that make sense to you? Anyway, I guess I need to provide an update to last week’s story. I am still out of the hospital, although I return every (construction language) day at 5:00 PM. I received a couple bags of antibi

Exercise Kills

When Elaine and I moved to the mountains, we knew there would be challenges. “Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.” This past week the bear got me! OK, I know we come here to laugh, and we will. Truthfully, I’m going to need to work pretty hard to make this one funny. This story starts with a bike ride, a mountain bike ride. The destination was a neighbor’s house about a half mile away. I shouldn’t have been on my bike anyway. I had been fighting a bad case of bronchitis. Exiting my driveway, a right turn will have you traveling down a very steep gravel road. A left turn will have you traveling up a similarly steep hill. I chose right. I have traveled down that ro

Asthma, No Shoes and Something Big

Last weekend’s art fair/trade show was a success, well, for everyone but me. Elaine sold a record number of pieces. Ivy and the store did well, but not records. The twins enjoyed their sleepovers. Me? I fed the dogs, killed flies, watched baseball and breathed smoky air. Honestly, the air is what turned out to be the biggest problem. Saturday morning, I woke up with a horrible sore throat. I could have written about my sore throat last week, I did not want anyone to think I was complaining like a millennial. Hey, it might be the norm in 2018, but I was born quite a few years ago, to a world long gone. Sorry, anyway, the deeper I got into the weekend the worse my throat got. The skie


It was a “bucket list” night, last night. I didn’t plan for a “bucket list” night, but nonetheless, I had one. Elaine took off for an art fair/trade show in Salida, Colorado. Elaine took Ivy with her. Boy Twin has been doing great in school. As a reward was he was allowed to attend a sleep over at a friend’s house. Girl Twin has been doing equally well or better and received the same reward. Here comes the “bucket list” part. I was home alone. Big deal? Well, I’ve never spent the night alone in this house. Fifteen years, not one night alone in this house. Oh, I wasn’t totally alone, I had three dogs and a couple pesky houseflies to keep me from actually being alone. I wasn’t scare

Labor Day and Another Chapter

Wow, another Labor Day weekend. The last three weekend of the summer. People all over America are enjoying camping, barbequing and just relaxing. Not Monner. I get to work on Labor Day weekend. It is my fault, sort of. A few years, someone in the upper mid-west called the store and asked if I wanted to donate products to a knitting retreat. I didn’t even know what a knitting retreat was. Ivy explained knitting retreats to me and I decided, I didn’t want to donate to one, I wanted to have one. That’s where it started to go bad for me. Ivy: That’s not a bad idea. Elaine: Where would we have it? Me: How about where Ivy worked, Cherokee Park Ranch? Ivy: Let me take care of that! M

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