Monner's     Mumblings

The Turkey Trot and Wrestling

The holiday season has begun. I hope the season brings you great joy and a sense of togetherness. My holiday season has started out with a case of the bitter/sweets. If you remember last year, Ivy talked the family into running/walking in the Turkey Trot 4 mile "race". No one in our family had ever done such a thing, so Ivy being able to talk two teenagers and two seniors into getting up before the sun, on Thanksgiving day was no easy feat. That said we had a good time and have decided to make it a holiday tradition. This year's race was a little different from last years race. OK, it was big-time different, as I will try to explain. As I mentioned, last year was the first year any of our

No One Wants to Do!

I woke up this morning (with the help of a Great Pyrenees named Maggie.) RELAX! I’m not going to tell a story about the dog waking me up again. I’m going to tell a story about after I woke up. If Maggie sneaks into the story, it is not my fault that she annoys me. This story starts when Maggie is outside and I am doing the things I do on Sunday mornings. I make the morning coffee, walk around opening one eye at a time and eventually turn on the computer. (I miss the good, old days when a person could let the dog out and pick up a newspaper off the front porch. Oh well, I miss a lot of stuff.) When I turned on the computer, the first thing I saw was an article that was titled “30 cities

I'm Awake!

Well, I might as well write a story. I’m up anyway. My return to construction is making me wish my foot would have taken longer to heal. I know, “Be careful what you wish for!” Monday, I will start the fourth week of a project that will take only two weeks. I get up and drive two hours to a job where no one is going to be there to actually work. I make a few phone calls trying to locate the workers. After an hour or so, it’s time to make the two hour trip back home. They pay me for this! The frustrating thing about my return to construction is the weekends. I get up early for my two hour drives. I look forward to sleeping a little longer on the weekends. Doesn’t happen! Dogs! I can’t

It is almost here!

Fall back! Not at this house. Maggie (the Great Pyrenees) didn’t get the message. Maggie decided to wake me up early. At like 3:00AM early. (If you are concerned about my grammar and sentence structure, relax, I’ve been up since 3:00.) Maggie: Hey Monner, Get up, I need to go out. Me: No, I get an extra hour of sleep. Go back to bed. Maggie: Seriously, something is out there. I need to go out and look around. Me: Go to bed. Maggie: I’m going to scratch your bed until you let me out. Oh come on, you guys talk to your pets too. Maybe I was dreaming, but I did get out of bed to let the dog(s) out. Next week is November 10th. Your Daily Fiber will be celebrating nine years in bu

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