Monner's     Mumblings

Doctors Appointment

I would like to thank everyone who read last week's story. If you didn't read the comments on Spacebook, I would like to apologize for the typos. The truth is, I had difficulty reading the story after I wrote it and I just hit the "publish" key. I'm sure some of you that knew me from school secretly thought, "There's the Monner we know!" I appreciated the comments and acknowledgements. Larry returned to his home Christmas Eve. He had enough of the hospital and asked to go home. He watches Judge Judy and drag racing on the "biggest" TV I have ever seen in anyone's bedroom. I have exchanged more "I love yous" with Larry this past week than we had exchanged in the last fifty-six years. (

A Different Kind of Story

I'm all messed up. It's Saturday night and I'm typing. I'm not waiting for tomorrow, I'm not sure I'll be able to write. I know why I write this stuff, I like to make people laugh, but the truth is; no one likes to laugh more than me. I like to think life is funny. so laugh at it. This week a couple really funny things happened. I wanted to tell you about them. I wanted to tell the story of me spending the week in an extended stay motel near my construction job. The same extended stay motel without a on site fitness room. I'm preparing for my next "race", so this motel was going to be unacceptable. But then the motel manager informed me the motel had partnership with an exclusive hea


Can you believe 2018 is almost over? Speaking for myself, I don't want to see 2019. The store did really well in 2018. It already has been our best year ever. It has been amazing the amount of times we (Ivy) has heard, "Thank God, I found you again. I haven't been in since you were downtown." Ivy has taught more people to knit this year than the last five years combined. Elaine is killin' it with weaving classes. Thursday night, knit/weaving night is rockin'. Why wouldn't I want to see what the next year brings? It has nothing to do with the store. It is all about Health Insurance. Elaine and I have fulfilled our deductible for 2018. I think this was the first time in our marriag

Sweaty Sweaters

We will talk about the store in a few minutes. We have some Christmas stuff going on, none of which I'm a part of, so I'm going to talk about me. As you can see, Ivy and Elaine (especially Ivy) deliberately leave me out of everything that goes on in the store. I have no choice but to slant these stories to about me. The story begins at the Turkey Trot 5K. As you remember, opposite to our recently decided family tradition, our family did not trot on Thanksgiving. Some of us had/have deep regret for having not trotted. Once again, Ivy took that regret to an extreme. Ivy: Hey, Guys, would you like to run another race? Girl Twin: No thanks, I get enough running in track practice at schoo

Two Rules Broken

I broke a couple of my rules this week I feel terrible for having done so. I try to practice what I preach. I have never bought anything from the Nile. I have had a family member order something for me, but not until I am positive I cannot get whatever in my town. I never buy coffee from the big political guys from Seattle. I broke that rule Friday. If I had been able to get a coffee at a Mom and Pop, I wouldn't be confessing this story right now. Friday, I was ready to start my one hundred mile journey home from work. It was snowing heavily and the road was getting icy. In the early days of my construction career, I spent years commuting to the state capital and beyond. Literally, m

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