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YOUR DAILY FIBER vs. Construction

I miss working with Ivy and Elaine at YOUR DAILY FIBER. This past summer with my foot injury, I was able to spend a lot of time in the store. I got used to it. Now, my foot is fine and I’m back in my construction career. There are some good things about being back in construction. First, construction pays better than what Ivy paid me. Way better! Way, way better! Second, I am actually in charge in construction. OK, that’s two reasons why this construction thing is working out, but I miss the store. While I was working at the store, I would overhear conversations with Ivy and customers. Customers would say things like, “I just love your dad’s color selections on the yarn he dyes.” N

Valentine's Days

It was Valentine’s Day this past week; oh yeah, you knew that. In the five decades of Valentine’s Days Elaine and I have shared; most of them have been forgettable. But not ALL of them. I'm going to remember this Valentine’s Day for a long time. Before I talk about this Valentine’s Day, I would like to tell a story about our first married Valentine’s Day. I was working with a crew building a Burrito Bell in Northglenn, Colorado. None of that information means anything to the story but I need to stress this Valentine memory is vivid. I was working on the outside of the building, when I noticed a car (not a construction truck, it was definitely a car) pulled into the yet to be paved parkin

Home for the Weekend

As Ivy pointed out, we haven’t talked about Your Daily Fiber in a while. I’ve told her I’ve had some stuff going on in my life. I’ve been kind of busy with construction, hotel sausage, 5Ks, sad stuff and now temporary laborers. Before we talk about Your Daily Fiber and temporary laborers, I would like to share with you the list Elaine has for us when I am home on weekends. Elaine: Can we take down the Christmas lights this weekend? Me: By we, you mean me, right? Elaine: You know I’m going to help. Me: If we have some decent weather and no snow on the cliff, we can take them down. We can’t put Christmas lights on our house like everyone else. Oh no, that would be too easy. A few ye

Compression Socks and Pants

I love history. It was my favorite subject in school. It is the only thing I read today. OK, that was not a true statement, I also read Spacebook. Where else can I go to find photographs of what you are eating at restaurants that I’m not at? If I were with you I could look across the table and say, “Wow, that looks good.” Since, I’m not with you, please keep posting pictures of your plates and I will at least enjoy the photograph. While I have totally drifted off the subject, let’s talk about Spacebook. Things I also enjoy on Spacebook are political commentary, videos of old rock concerts, animals doing crazy things, and compression sock ads. I don’t usually like to wear socks, (Is t

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