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Support Your Local Yarn Store Day!

Yesterday was Support Your Local Yarn Store Day. I'm not making that up. Who thinks up this stuff? I've had a lot of great ideas, but this one might top any that I've had before. April is not a knitting month. People are doing their taxes, planting flowers in their yards, making repairs on their houses. Have you been to The Orange Depot on Saturday? If The Orange Depot ever decides to have a Support Your Local Orange Depot Day they had better get more wild game hotdogs. We didn't serve hotdogs on Support Your Local Yarn Store Day. Ivy and I decided on cookies and mini-cinnamon rolls. Ivy and I asked Elaine, "What is better, hotdogs like The Orange Depot, or do something totally Your D

Good Friday, Starting the Tractor, Dyeing Yarn

I’ve had a couple Friday’s off from work recently. My construction world merged with my yarn world this past Friday. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I took an extra day off from construction for Elaine’s 30 years of service luncheon a couple Fridays ago. It was great, not the luncheon part, the day off part. Oh, the luncheon was okay. It was great having Elaine being honored like that. I might have even shed a couple tears, had Girl Twin not noticed I was getting a little misty in the eyes and asked me, “Are you crying?” I pulled my sunglasses down and answered, “No!” She rolled her eyes and called me a wimp. Had I broken down, I would have blamed it on the engineer speakers trying

Four Pillows and Keypads

My construction life could possibly take a turn (hopefully, for the best.) I will be giving up a bunch of cool stuff, but I could be working closer to home. I will need to give up raccoon sausage, two (+) hour commutes, four nights a week in a hotel, and four pillows on my bed. Elaine and I have learned several things with me spending four nights a week in a hotel. The first thing I learned is I like having four pillows on my bed and I don’t like to share them, none of them. A couple weeks ago, Elaine and I decided she should come to work with me and we would spend some time trying new restaurants and just getting away. After trying a Mexican restaurant, Elaine and I went back to the hote

Masters Level Knitting and Proms

This past week went by really fast. I have things to say. First, we should start with the store. Ivy has Level #1 Master’s knitting certificate. I don’t know what that means. She tried to explain what it meant, but I got test anxiety and stopped listening. I think it has to do with some national board knowing that Ivy knows how to do something on a Level #1. Does that make sense? It didn’t to me either. Me: How many levels are there? Ivy: Three Me: Do you know stuff in all the levels? Ivy: Yes Me: Are you going to get all of the certificates? Ivy: I’m not sure. Testing is really hard and time consuming. I need to decide. Me: Well, I’ve been successful in construction wi

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