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Memorial Day, Grad Parties and a Beard

The intent of Memorial Day is remember and be thankful for the individual’s that gave their lives for the cause of freedom. The freedom to go camping or have a picnic. I love camping. Well, I would love camping if I went camping. As the twins get older, they have their own ideas as to what to do on long weekends; including Memorial Day. Now that they are in high school, graduation parties seem to be the thing. Personally, I don’t remember going to graduation parties when I was only a sophomore. Girl Twin told Elaine and I she was planning on going to some kid with an Irish name’s party. The Irish name is significant because I am of German decent. The Irish are lucky, they can name the

May Construction Projects

It has not been a very good month in my construction life. I have used “construction language” more times, than I needed to. I’m blaming my sour mood on May; the month of May. May is a very good month for getting things done in construction, except in the rain. It can rain in May. Depending on what stage of construction is happening in May, rain can be a problem or rain won’t affect the project at all. Digging dirt, concrete sidewalks; rain is bad. Installing carpet, installing sinks; rain doesn’t matter. In my current project, we happen to be working in dirt. What’s worse than rain in May? Warm weather and sunshine! What am I talking about? Warm weather and sunshine cause project ow

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day 2019 is here and so far, it’s not that great. It’s been great for Elaine, just not for me. Considering that Mother’s Day actually, legally starts at midnight; the first three hours were okay. However, at 3:00 AM it started to go downhill. Have you ever been awaken by something that you just couldn’t put your finger on, but something just feels wrong? When you live more than a quarter mile from you closest neighbor, one of the first things you realize is; it gets really dark at night. I don’t know if you are ever truly comfortable outside at night without a headlamp. Lying in bed at 3:00 AM, I realized our motion activated yard lights were on. Normally, I would have woke Ela

Special Weekends, Prom and Jesse

Elaine and I have an unsaid promise that while I am off furthering my construction career, she would spend at least one weekend a month together in Denver. This past weekend was this month’s weekend. Before we start chatting about my weekend, I need to say Elaine could be the least violent person I’ve ever met. Oh, there was that one time 40 years ago when I said something Elaine didn’t like and she threw a Supperware lid at me. She was going to throw another lid, but stopped before she threw it. I told you she was not violent. I couldn’t take a chance on her turning violent again, though, I called the Supperware folks and made sure Elaine could not attend anymore parties. For those of

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