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On a Dark Salida Highway

“On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair. Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air.” Months ago, Elaine came to me and said, “I’ve been invited to the Salida Arts Festival again. We had such a good time last year; I’m going to accept the invitation!" Before I could blink, Elaine was on the computer looking for a place to stay in Salida. Elaine: Did you like the place we stayed in last year? Me: We stayed in our camping trailer last year. Elaine : Yes, but they have cabins. I think that place was too far from the show. I’m going to keep looking. Me: Ok, but don’t put us in a dump. Elaine: I think I found a great place. It has great reviews, newly remodeled, contine

Wildfires, Bacon, and Rockies/Dodgers

Colorado is in the deeply seated in wildfire season. Wildfires are always a concern during the summer; this year however, we are having an extremely weird summer. This summer has been rainy and cool. It continues to snow in the mountains. The weather has had a positive effect on wildfires. It would be safe to say the weather has not had an effect on all fires. Last Tuesday, at the extended stay hotel that is my home in my construction life, I arrived to be greeted by a wonderful bacon-y smell coming from down the hall. (Please, I am very aware that bacon-y is not a word. It is however a smell.) As hungry as that smell made me, I knew I had to spend the next two hours at the gym. Retu

Maggie and Father's Day

It is Father’s Day. Someone forgot to tell Maggie (the Great Pyrenees). Maggie was at the side of my bed at first light, scratching the mattress. Maggie is not trying to scratch the mattress; she is trying to scratch my arm. Having an eighty (+) pound dog dig its paw nails into your arm (or worse; chest or back) is a very effective way of waking up. I don’t recommend trying it yourself. As I have told my children (both sets), “There is no reason to make the same mistakes I have made. You can just listen to me, I’ll tell you how it works out.” Neither set of my children have ever actually listened. To make it worse, I cannot get that dog to wake anyone else in this house, by digging r

EPWM, Golf Clubs, and MeTube

Ivy pointed out recently that I rarely write about the store, Your Daily Fiber. I reject that premise. People know they can read Monner’s Mumblings and get knitting, weaving and spinning tips. In fact, today I’m writing about a few things that I personally have extreme knowledge of; yarn and something called MeTube. We will get to those in a minute. In past years, I have celebrated Father’s Day at the Estes Park Wool Market. As you might guess, Estes Park Wool Market is a fiber festival located in Estes Park, Colorado; that typically took place on Father’s Day weekend. Father’s Days are stressful anyway. Like when your children get you golf clubs for Father’s Day, and the next credit car

Birthday 5K, Syrian Brown Bears and Plastic Upholstery

It must have about three months ago when Ivy said to me, “Monner, the 5K and 10k Wildlife Sanctuary run is going to be held on my birthday this year. Do you think we could get the family to run as a present to me?” Me: I’m in. I’ve been waiting to get another trophy. We can ask the others. Ivy: That’s great, but they are not giving trophies this year. Me: What? Why would they doing that to me? Ivy: I don’t think they had you in mind, when they decided against trophies. Me: Do they have shirts and hats? They had great shirts last year. Ivy: You know you didn’t think the hats fit, last year. Will you ask mom and the twins to run? Me: I’ll ask. Elaine and the both twins actua

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