Monner's     Mumblings

Work Talk, Pancakes and Wheelchairs

I start my new job next week. After working in twenty-five states, I will once again have the opportunity to work in the town I live in. I will miss the job I left. My former employers are great people. I will miss them. I think I might also miss my nightly trips to the health club also. I took great pleasure parking my dented, muddy, eleven year old truck in the same parking lot next to Teslas, Mercedes, BMWs, and the like. Sometimes I parked in the spaces next to those cars. Hey, now that I wrote that I understand why no one ever talked to me in that club. It was my fault. (Ok, the 74 year-old, ex-construction worker janitor talked to me. I don’t know what he drove or where he par

Bobbleheads, Bleachers and Water Bottles

Last Sunday, I took the family to a baseball game. I love going to baseball games, but not at the expense of writing my stories on Sunday. (OK, I made that last part up.) Ivy watches the schedule for “special” games. Last Sunday, the Rockies gave away free bobblehead dolls of Ivy’s favorite player to the first fifteen thousand attendees. The Sipes family now has four FREE bobbleheads. We normally would have five bobbleheads, but Girl Twin remained swimming and boating in Nebraska with friends, passing on a bobblehead of Ivy’s favorite player. Ivy loves her FREE Booblehead. So much so, in fact, she convinced me to spend $28.00 for the chance to sit in the BLEACHERS in the sun for the d

Handrails and a Career Change

“It was raining hard in Livermore We needed one more handrail to make our night” Have you ever asked yourself what you want to be when you grow up? Almost sixteen years ago Elaine showed me a house in the foothills/mountains of Northern Colorado. To say this house was in disrepair would been an understatement. The house was painted blue. Well, sort of. The part of the exterior of the house that actually had siding was painted blue. The roof needed to be replaced. SOME of the windows opened and closed, some did not. The deck (which was built on three sides of the house) had not been maintained. Elaine loved this house. Me? I liked it. Elaine convinced me we could make the repairs.

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