Monner's     Mumblings

Don't Tell Her That!

It took only three months, after she got her driver's license for Girl Twin to get in a fender bender. I might have had a little to do with it. Girl Twin and I broke Elaine's number one rule. I was talking to her on the phone while the accident occurred. I actually heard the collision. I also heard what she said immediately after the collision. I didn't know she used "construction language". Come to think of it, since she was in MY truck at the time, the "construction language" might have been coming from me. Girl Twin: Monner, some guy just hit me. Me: Where in the (construction language) are you. I'll be right there! Girl Twin: I was just leaving school. I'm at the stoplight on (

Together Again

The boys were competitors, friends, cousins and neighbors. Some would say they were good for each other. Others would say the opposite. Two years separated them in age. It didn’t matter, they were inseparable most of their young lives. The boys were artistic and intelligent, maybe to a fault. Common sense? Maybe, but sometimes it was set aside for the thrill of the moment. I promised myself I would never write this story, but here it is. This story does not belong on a yarn store blog, however, I know all the people that need to read it, will read it here. To all the people that want to read about yarn, I apologize. Maybe next week. This is the story of Kaley (my nephew) and Alex (

A Day Off

I took a day off. For the last almost ten years, I have worked 99% of all Saturdays in the Your Daily Fiber store. Saturday is the day that Elaine and I spend the day together at the store. Elaine teaches classes and sells yarn and stuff while I take care of my responsibilities. I felt bad about not working in the Your Daily Fiber this past Saturday. I have a tremendous amount of responsibility on Saturdays. I am responsible for turning on the lights, things like that.. I usually pick up lunch and sit behind the sales counter, reading news websites. Sometimes, I help run the cash register. That is my favorite part of my job. Hey, I know you like it when people hand you money. Sometim

Limited Knowledge and Girl Twin's Sleepovers

Every once in a while I need to write about something I have limited knowledge of, yarn. However, because these are stories about yarn and a yarn shop, I will try to remain on task and write about yarn. Yarn is long. Sometimes it is short. Yarn comes in bright colors, except when it come in drab, earthtones, like terracotta; which happens to be one of Elaine’s favorite colors. Simply said, Elaine likes the colors of dirt. It takes an educated eye to see it, but yarn come in different thicknesses. Someone gave names to the different thicknesses of yarn. Names like lace, worsted, fingering and bulky. Ivy and Elaine know all the names. I just know, thick or thin. My names are easier. Som

Billy Bob and Jimmy

Elaine and I met Billy Bob and his roommate, Vern, while we were in our twenties. I’m guessing Vern was in his late forties, but I remember Billy Bob was fifty-eight years old. These two men moved into the apartment next to Elaine and me. Vern was an over-the-road truck driver who delivered new automobiles to dealerships across the U.S. He was tall and lanky, usually dirty from being on the road. He was seldom home.Billy Bob worked as a concrete laborer for a local company. I’m guessing that’s why we hit it off because my family was in the concrete business. Elaine and I never really got close to Vern, that’s okay, he was mostly unpleasant. Billy Bob was nothing like Vern, not in personalit

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