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Doogie Sipes M.D. and the Restaurant

You could probably guess what this story is about from the title. Yes, you’re right, one of the twins has not only decided to become a doctor, HE already is one. If you need a little help, fifteen, maybe twenty years ago on network television there was show about a teenage medical doctor. Although, I have never actually watched it, even a genius like myself can figure it out without actually turning it on. Anyway, it came as a total surprise to Elaine and I that Boy Twin has become a doctor. He has never had much (OK, any) compassion for anyone in the last couple years. I think his desire to cure disease is strictly financial. He does like money. Money, yes; people, no! Elaine and I ar

History and the Fashion Show

As a student growing up in Northern Colorado, history, was always my favorite subject. It could have been the teachers but I think it was most likely the stories. I remember my teachers telling us (the students), “If we don’t study history, it will repeat itself.” Well, history repeated itself Friday night. I went to a fashion show. I’m not allowed to say, “Elaine made me go to a fashion show”, but, I went to a fashion show, you figure it out! This is where the history part comes in, I’ve been to the same fashion show before, although I haven’t been for eight years. In fairness, Elaine likes history also. She has a degree in history; art and fashion history. While I was interested in

17th Birthdays

The twins celebrated their 17th birthday yesterday. At least, I think they did. Ironically, my 17th birthday is probably my most memorable birthday. Elaine asked the twins a month ago, what they wanted to do for their birthday. Boy Twin, always the procrastinator, said it was way too early to think of that. I seriously doubted that he even knew hat day his birthday is birthday was. This kid might cure cancer someday, but only if his sister wakes him. Thank God, he is a twin. He can depend on his sister to keep him informed as to what day it is. Girl Twin is a planner. She knows where every social event is taking place for the next two years. Girl Twin told Elaine, “I will be at a sleep

Homecoming on the Cliff

It was Homecoming week at the twins’ high school this past week. As far as the twins, their Homecoming experience couldn’t be more different. Girl Twin was all in for a month. Boy Twin showed no interest until five hours before the Homecoming dance. The twins each have teenage love interests. (Oh, Yippie) Elaine (and even Ivy) seemed to be enjoying the Homecoming experience. Me? Not so much. I erroneously thought Homecoming meant that alumni are invited back to their school for the opportunity to purchase and wear foam fingers, t-shirts and silly hats, all in school colors; which incidentally aren’t necessarily flattering to most people. As far as Elaine and I, we were forbidden to re

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