Monner's     Mumblings

Thanksgiving Snow and a Cute Guy

I don’t usually write on Thursday. Thanksgiving happens on Thursday, and only once a year. I guess I can write on this one Thursday this year. I would like to thank all that read Monner’s Mumblings and a Happy Thanksgiving, from Monner and Your Daily Fiber. Those that do not read Monner’s Mumblings, I would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving from Your Daily Fiber, only. I’m like that. I would like to give a special thanks to all those who did what was necessary to keep this the greatest country in the world. Starting with the Founding Fathers, thank you. If you have been paying attention to last week’s weather reports it was pretty tough getting ready for the Thanksgiving festivities.

The Singer and the Unlocked Door

I was hoping to have very little to write about this morning. I thought I would write a quick story about Your Daily Fiber’s 10th anniversary sale day and customer appreciation party. I thought I would thank everyone that stopped by. What the (construction language) was I thinking? Oh, we did have a great 10th anniversary sale and customer appreciation party. I would like to thank everyone stopped by and took advantage of the day. A quick backstory about the singer. He was the live entertainment at Your Daily Fiber’s grand opening. He has ties to Elaine’s engineering world. Actually, he was the founder of the engineering company that has employed Elaine for the last thirty years. Alo

Staining, a Bully and a Munchkin

I'm sure if you read last week, you are wondering about Girl Twin’s eye. As you can probably imagine, it was horrible. She had to cancel a sleep over at a friend’s house. She did her best to convince Elaine and I that she “would be all right.” Elaine and I finally conceded that her friend could stay over at our house. That would seem to be a simple concession, but NO! I’m sure cleaning a room with the discomfort of a recent eye surgery is/was not fun. Oh well, live and learn. Elaine and I had our reasons for keeping Girl Twin at home. Elaine had to put eye drops in Girl Twin’s eye at a specific time four times each day. (Here’s a little secret about me. I don’t do eye drops. Not

An Eye for an Eye

The backstory of this story will be as long as the story. Of course, it is the same story. It just took fourteen years to play out. It shouldn’t take fourteen years to tell, but it will take a while. You might want to refresh your coffee. When the twins were two years old, at a routine pediatric physical (Which turned out not to be routine at all.) First, our regular doctor did not do the physical. The doctor that did the physical had two last names. The doctor with two last names had a concern Elaine and I had not noticed. Dr.: I would like Girl Twin to see a specialist. Elaine, Me: What’s wrong? Dr.: Girl Twin’s left eye is not working with her right eye. Elaine, Me: Oh my Go

Halloween and Ten Years

Halloween is just not my favorite “holiday”. As a kid, Halloween was great. Mom would buy some fire-proof costume with a plastic mask that remained firmly attached to my head with a rubber band around the back of my head. The costume wasn't the important part. The important part was the candy. My friends and I would start the trick or treat thing as soon as the sun went down. In those days, every house on our street had candy, even the grumpy college professors’ houses. Most of the time the (3) professors on our street didn’t want us in their yards, but it was Ok on Halloween. In a couple hours, my friends and I had enough candy to keep us satisfied for at least a week, and our denti

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