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Hides, Caps and Exercise Equipment

I thought I would have National Western Stock Show stories to share. The truth is, I do. One would think that by the name National Western Stock Show, it would be about all things “cowboy”. Well, it is, but it is so much more than that. The National Western Stock Show (NWSS) is this magnificent trade show. Literally thousands of vendors showing the latest in, well everything. Cows, horses, sheep, llamas, yaks, exercise equipment, (more in a minute) tractors, pots and pans, cell phones, clothing, furs (dead animal skins), water saving shower heads. I’m telling you folks, it’s all at the NWSS. I was going to look at it all. If you pay nineteen dollars to look at (construction language),

Bob's Yarn and Quiet

I’m feeling a little bad this morning. I haven’t written about yarn or the fiber arts in quite a while. I am aware that people read Monner’s Mumbliings to find out what’s new in the world of yarn and at the store. The true purpose of these stories is to keep you guys informed on what’s going on with Ivy and Elaine in the world of knitting and weaving. With that in mind, I’m going to let the “cat out of the bag”. Despite my great knowledge of yarn, there are times when I am asked a question and I feel like I need to “press 1 for English”. Have you ever noticed the names of the different yarns are meant to confuse? I’m serious! It seems the yarns are usually named something that sounds

Not Saving money, but my training was working!

I’m up early today. I have a lot to do. I promised the family (not Boy Twin, more in a minute) we would go to the National Western Stock Show, and today is the day. I’m up before the sun and before every other member of my family, except for Maggie, Lizzie and Walter and the two coyotes outside the house terrorizing the dogs and then me; in that order. Personally, I don’t have a need to get outside and defend the property from coyotes before the sun is up. I don’t know why Maggie, Lizzie and Walter have a need to bark and tear around on the first floor when I am so enjoying sleeping on the second floor. That’s not all. After the coyotes realize that nothing is going to happen here, the


2020! We are looking at a new year and a new decade. We are twenty years into the (new) century. I remember thinking as a child, “I’m going to be (many) years old at the change of centuries". Well, I’m twenty years older now. I was thinking that a new decade should result in some substantial resolutions. I spent the last couple weeks of 2019, thinking of significant changes I should make in my life. It was harder than I thought. (I am close to perfect. OK, I'm kidding....I think.) Oh, I could have made the obvious resolutions. I could have made a resolution to sell more yarn and set a record in sales. However, that requires too much help from Elaine, Ivy and even you guys. Even tho

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