Monner's     Mumblings

Tacos and/or Power

I am essential. I have a letter telling me that it is essential that I drive to a location to participate and manage the construction of a taco restaurant. (I didn’t actually print the letter. It is stuck somewhere in my “smart” phone. If a policeman knows how to get it out of there, it shouldn’t be a problem, I really don’t give a (construction language). Of course, the restaurant cannot open for business when the construction is finished, but it is essential that the restaurant is finished. Elaine is non-essential. She has been non-essential for years, long before the beervirus pandemic of 2020. She decided years ago that drawing power pole, power lines and electrical stuff could be

An Old Man and Movies

Before I get started, I want to say something. These past few months have been scary and crazy. I want to share something with you guys. In forty years of construction and raising children, I have seen mistakes, accidents, and recklessness that have caused financial problems and at times, even life/safety problems. As I have told both batches of my kids, “I don’t need to know who did this, I just want to know who is going to fix it.” So if I could give some advice to my Spacebook friends, “Stop looking for someone to blame and concentrate on who is going to fix it”. OK, I’m off my soapbox. This past week was an eye-opener for me. I experienced a few “first in my life’s” and a couple

Otis and Hand Soap

I get up on Sunday with the intent of topping last week’s story. Sadly, this week I got nothin’. I cannot top Girl Twin and P$^&#r bringing home a MILK cow (Otis). I have a story to tell, but first, I’m going to give you a quick Otis update. First, Otis is still here. Girl Twin and P$^&#r have made no plans to take Otis back to town. In the thirteen days that Otis has lived with us; and after me swearing, I would not feed Otis, I have fed Otis seven times. I have driven to town to PURCHASE feed supplements for Otis. OK, I was in town anyway, but I paid for the supplements. I have no idea how many times Elaine and even Ivy have fed Otis, so I won’t quote an exact number, but I know the

Late for School and a Cow

I’ve been excited to tell this week’s story. This story could easily fall into the category of a chapter of a great novel, but it is just part of the fact-filled story that is my/our life/lives. Living in the mountains of Northern Colorado can be tough on a high school kid. You are at least 40 miles from school, school activities, high-school jobs, Taco Ding-dong and hanging out. Elaine and I knew when we moved here, trips to Taco Ding-dong would be few and far between. Health benefits aside, we didn't think lack of fast food would be a problem. Of course, we had no idea we were going to have high-schoolers again. I’ve learned that some people adapt to the long distance better than other

Spooky Phone and Leap Year

I had a rough week. Not a “I can’t get this restaurant open” rough. More like, “I hate my smart phone” rough. I think back to my days with Reverend Miller and Mrs. Woodward in Sunday school. I think about the lessons that should have taught me not to hate but I’m telling you; we didn’t know about smart phones back then. I have two smart phones. One is given to me by my employer. It has something called apps that allow me to get up to the minute information regarding the company projects. I didn’t have any problems with that phone. My problems revolved around my personal smart phone. Going back to when I was young, I enjoy reading novels written by a guy named Stephen King. Steve wrot

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