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Our Christmas Tree

Just in case some of you are wondering how the tree cutting went. IT DIDN'T! We ended up going into town on Friday and buying a tree in a lot.

We are most likely the only family living in the mountains that goes to town to BUY a tree. With our tree safely tied down in the back of our pick-up, we proudly drove the 11.5 miles of dirt road to get to our new tree home. Did I mention we passed at least 40 cars and trucks bringing Christmas trees out of the mountains? BRILLIANT!

I actually like being different.

Our crazy lives.


PS We are trying to work the bugs out of this "blog" thing. If you have comments or suggestions, you can email them to We will be contacting the computer guy/guru/genius Monday for training and advice. (God, I hate that someone so young has so much more knowledge than me).

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