Date Night

In keeping with her routine Lizzie (the ugly, not–to-smart-puppy) decided about 2:00AM someone should get up and let her in the house.

I was the only human in the house to hear her scratching at the door. I know this because I was the only one I saw opening the door at 2:00 AM. (Of course, they couldn’t hear- they were sleeping) Maggie’s (the not-so-ugly, bark at a leaf blowing by puppy) routine is a little different. She likes to come back in the house either ten minutes before the alarm goes off, or about ten minutes before the sun comes up. I know this because I always look at the clock. It really doesn’t bother me, I was going to get up in two hours, anyway. When Walter wanted out at 4:55 AM (I looked at the clock) I decided it was someone else’s turn. Me: Hey Ivy Ivy: (mumbled) Me: Hey Ivy, your dog wants outside Ivy: (mumbled) OK (mumbled) I’ll get him She sleeps on the couch by the door while Walter is outside. His routine is to come back in after about 5 minutes. Then back out , back in, back out, until he gets fed. As you can tell this is working out great! Just to clear up the not-so-smart comment,. Lizzie drinks with her head in her water bowl; she doesn't have to get up to get a drink. (see picture-wet beard)