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Date Night

In keeping with her routine Lizzie (the ugly, not–to-smart-puppy) decided about 2:00AM someone should get up and let her in the house.

I was the only human in the house to hear her scratching at the door. I know this because I was the only one I saw opening the door at 2:00 AM. (Of course, they couldn’t hear- they were sleeping) Maggie’s (the not-so-ugly, bark at a leaf blowing by puppy) routine is a little different. She likes to come back in the house either ten minutes before the alarm goes off, or about ten minutes before the sun comes up. I know this because I always look at the clock. It really doesn’t bother me, I was going to get up in two hours, anyway. When Walter wanted out at 4:55 AM (I looked at the clock) I decided it was someone else’s turn. Me: Hey Ivy Ivy: (mumbled) Me: Hey Ivy, your dog wants outside Ivy: (mumbled) OK (mumbled) I’ll get him She sleeps on the couch by the door while Walter is outside. His routine is to come back in after about 5 minutes. Then back out , back in, back out, until he gets fed. As you can tell this is working out great! Just to clear up the not-so-smart comment,. Lizzie drinks with her head in her water bowl; she doesn't have to get up to get a drink. (see picture-wet beard)

Elaine and I went on a date night recently. At least, that what Elaine called it. Date night when we were young was a dinner and maybe a movie. Never dancing though, I tried it once. Back in the rock-and –roll days. Elaine was really quite good at dancing. Good enough that went she went on the dance floor people stop to watch. (I’m not kidding) The time I tried dancing, the dance floor was really crowded. I was dancing my heart out, when I looked around; there were six couples between Elaine and I. I figured she didn’t need me, so I left the floor and sat down. I haven’t been back. Sorry, I got distracted. Date night now is grabbing a glass on wine, jumping on the Bobcat car (two-seat ATV) and heading up the mountain. It is really nice, no kids, no dogs, just us and whatever we come across. We were about four miles from home, it was just getting dark, when we noticed some horse sprinting in a pasture. I asked Elaine what she thought spooked the horses. A couple of seconds later we saw a young male moose was in the pasture. We sat and watched him for quite a while. Of course, I didn’t have a camera. That’s why we live here! Our crazy lives!


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