Landmark Day

August 4, 2011

Do you remember when you realized when your parents were old?  I remember my father introducing me to a friend of his and telling me he has been friends with Ol’ Jake for over fifty years.  I thought to myself, “Big deal, if I was that old, I would have known people that long also.”
Well, I made it.  Yep, this week I hit the double nickels.  I am now as old as my dad when I realized he was old.  I just don’t feel as old as he acted.  Maybe I am as old as he was.
I get grumpy faster than I did when I was younger.  Elaine, Ivy and the twins will attest to that.  I have most of my hair.  The darn stuff is almost all gray, OK white.  I am OK with that.  My face is the color and texture of an old cowboy boot.  I can cover that, or at least some of that with hair.  Gray hair.   When it bothers me, I will just stop looking in the mirror..
I have known my friend, Greg, for over FIFTY years.  I’m kind of proud of that.  We still talk and see each other.  Other than a couple of my brothers and a few relatives Greg is the person I have known the longest. 
I met Greg the summer before I started kindergarten.  We walked to school together.  Uphill and in snow, both ways.  Hey, this is my story and I’m telling it the way I remember it.
When you celebrate the double nickels, you are old, my friend.  Don’t believe me, get yourself a set of eight year old twins and wait.  It won’t be long and they will remind you.
Boy Twin:  Hey Monner, I think you and Grandma are the oldest parents at our school.
Me:  Thanks for noticing that.
Boy Twin:  Yep.
Me:  You know what?
Boy Twin:  What?
Me:  We’re going to be the oldest next year also.
Boy Twin:  Cool!
Girl Twin:  Monner, will I have wrinkles in my face when I’m old like you?
Me:  I didn’t know I had wrinkles.
Girl Twin:  Oh yeah, there is one there and there and another there and two there………
Me:  Ok, Stop
Funny, I don’t feel old.
Our crazy lives!


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