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The school year just gets better every day! One of the many chores I get to “enjoy” every day at the ranch is wake the twins to get ready for school. It is a pretty easy chore. I yell down the stairs until I hear both of their voices. I usually check the weather report for the days weather on the internet. That allows me to suggest what the twins wear to school.

Wednesday, Boy Twin and I decided it would be a good idea to wear long pants. I asked him to get dressed before he came upstairs for breakfast. Seemed like a simple request.

After what seemed like quite a while I realized he had not come up for breakfast. The school bus will be here in a short time.

Me: Boy Twin, are you dressed?

Boy Twin: Yes, I will be upstairs in a minute.

Me: Great.

After a couple minutes, I notice Boy Twin at the breakfast table, enjoying his Wally World’s chocolate marshmallow cereal. No socks, no shoes.

Me: Didn’t I ask you if you were dressed?

Boy Twin: Yes.

Me: And why are you not dressed?

Boy Twin: I am!

Me: And what about socks and shoes?

Boy Twin: That would be COMPLETELY dressed, you didn’t ask if I was COMPLETELY dressed.

This again, is an answer I would not have given my mother. My mother would not have seen the humor or the logic of his thought process, My brothers would have enjoyed watching Mom explain the similarities of being dressed and completely dressed to me. Actually they enjoyed hearing the story and realizing it was happening to me.

Our family was invited to an 11-11-11 wedding. The wedding was an early evening wedding in a town 30 miles from here. With careful planning and no unexpected problems we would have just enough time to pick up the kids from school and drive to the wedding.

It is just too much to ask the twins to wear their “wedding” clothes at school and stay clean. We sent them to school in their school clothes. Elaine went shopping on her lunch hour for clothes the twins could change into after school.

She picked out a really cute skirt and top for Girl Twin. Girl Twin changed from her school jeans to her new outfit. Girl Twin looked really cute.

Girl Twin: Grandma, did you buy me new underwear?

Elaine: No, just wear what you have on.

Girl Twin: I didn’t wear any today, that’s why I was wearing jeans, I couldn’t find underwear in my room.

Elaine: That’s why you are wearing jeans? Did you look in your room?

Girl Twin: I couldn’t find any underwear.

I know they are trying to kill us.

We made it to Red Circle store, bought a pack of underwear and made it to the church before the bride walked down the aisle.

Discussing the lack of underwear led to the realization Boy Twin also would rather go “commando” than look for underwear. Gives new meaning to “completely dressed”.

Before I sent this to the web page. I asked Ivy to read it, as I always do. Her reply, “Monner, she has underwear at the bottom of the stairs on the floor. I don’t know if it is clean, but there is underwear at the bottom of the stairs.” Is this how life ends for me?

Our crazy lives!


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